Read more about Kamen Rider Fourze Quiz 12 released takenoko’s blog. You’re pretty tough on W and Gaim I had a toy of Masked Rider and his bike. I’d be okay with starting a thread for people to reencode the down to for distribution amongst yourselves, as long as people realize that these aren’t going to be officially handled by TN staff. The whole thing is so rushed and the ending feels like “We’re filming the new series in a half-hour, pack your shit and lets go go go! Kamen Rider Fourze Batch.

I’d put W, OOO, and Fourze in my top favorite shows for sure all for pretty different reasons though. Now obviously the demographic and time period is different between these two programmes – Saban wanted to tap into the Power Rangers demographic while Black had it’s own thing going – but going from one to another was deeply annoying for my 12 year old self. Going forward, we’re going to be eliminating the p version, because doing the same work three times is starting to become a massive drain on our resources. Somewhere in the mids I think that show took a turn and WAY dark though I’m a couple of episodes behind right now. I think it needs another reboot: Read more about Fourze Quiz 9 released takenoko’s blog.

It’s a fun show, as is OOO’s – the one that followed. I decided to start with the most recent which was Decade. GunslingerPanda Follow Forum Posts: Alkaiser Follow Forum Posts: It won’t be for everyone but it’s worth seeing if only for the henshins, fight scenes and dramatic poses. A dude named Stone subbed the entire series pretty well. Every series exists completely separately from every other one except for the occasional crossover and Decade which is just weird.


I will give it another chance though.

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 34 Part1

Oh, also all the Showa shows are incredible in their own way and I really have to get around to watching more of them sometime. His friend pretty much just goes “Hey, have a power-up form! What did you think of OOO? Read more about Fourze v2 released takenoko’s blog. Jazz Follow Forum Posts: I really like the design of Faiz, but the plot is a complete mess and the pacing is terrible.

There were some non footage stuff in the torrents, so I included them too. All of these can riedr be found in subbed form on Youtube – much like Black above. You don’t need to know the history.

I take the, probably controversial, view that Kamen Rider is the Japanese Dr Who – something that both kids and adults can enjoy. But a car instead of a bike. Since then I’ve watched all of the Heisei fkurze shows except Black, Kuuga, and Wizard, taking a break from watching any for a couple of years somewhere in the middle of OOOs.

SHTF: Kamen Rider Fourze Net Movie SUBBED

Also, note this is the director’s cut version. This blog is being relocated to Off-Topic as no game, or gaming related topics, are being discussed. It should probably be noted that in Saban once again attempted to bring Kamen Rider to the west with Kaken Knight Ryuuki and fair play to them.


As to Fourze, that explains a lot and puts it in perspective – but as you say.

I’m trying riddr watch through OOO now and it’s alright but I think my biggest gripe is that it isn’t W. Read more about Congrats Amano Kousei!

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I don’t know where you get the idea I don’t like W – I think it’s great and say so in the blog. Hayai kedo busaku wa nai zee I didn’t expect it to be more about the subbee than the game – or to have any replies.

Unfortunately all the characters and plotlines have been changed to such a degree that it really annoyed fans of those characters I even recognised Black RX as the Rider in question.

Read more about Fourze SD batch released takenoko’s blog. Trawling the internet as one kmen I came across some mention of a new series – at that time it was W – and was surprised to find out that there had been new Kamen Rider series since I’ve also been way into 20-01 post-Decade shows, with the exception of Wizard.

You’re pretty tough on W and Gaim Which changes with his form. Quiz 11 of 12 released takenoko’s blog. People must have really loved that series.