And now, he is busy winning more hearts with his outstanding acting. In the beginning, we see her as this strong, confident girl. And the most important point of this episode. But that probably wasn’t it. There was never any display of their mourning their actions either, which made me pretty irritated. Thank you Umera Ahmed for not only bringing a beautiful story to life on-screen, but also putting forth an important message for society:

That’s all for today! Haris isn’t gone forever – defend yourself. I’m really interested in seeing where this story takes us! Will Kiran get her happy ending? In a short span of time he has made his mark in the industry and is way ahead many of the actors of his age. Without the support of her family, a girl has to face a lot. Episode 23 Last episode. Hassan Niazi and Sanam Baloch acted it out amazingly; it was an intense scene performed with such simplicity that it became one of the highlights of a very bitter-sweet episode.

In closing, I think this drama deserves to go down on the list of all-time classics in Pakistan. In Kiran’s home, we see a change in Rukhsar and Phupo’s behavior towards Kiran, which has now become positive and supportive. Anyway he totally deserved the public humiliation.

Kankar Full Episode 23 – HUM TV Drama 22 November 2013 Part 2

So instead, I’m just going to make some half-baked comments about my overall thoughts on the show. With this one line, Kiran not only made her stance clear and relieved herself of anger, but also vocalized what the audience has been feeling for months. The cast is really great. In a short span of time he has made his mark in the industry and is way ahead many of the actors of his age. Faisal Rehman and Samiya Mumtaz are brilliant actors, but they are being given very feeble dialogues to work with.


Obviously when I’m watching this many dramas, I’m enjoying some more than others. The scene was very heartfelt. I feel like I watch the same episode every single week for the last episodes.

I dropped this drama. In a scene between Rukhsar and Adnan, epissode see Rukhsar apologizing for her behavior. Reaching out for her dopatta, appearing as her knight in shiny armour when she was standing alone at night, waiting for Ahmed and then scaring her by driving at break neck speed are just a few of the many dirty tactics that Ahad has up his sleeve.

Pakistan Television | A Fanatic’s Review | Page 2

This scene was a turning point, as Faiqa kxnkar no longer interested in hearing Shaista’s excuses for her son. The proceedings happen in a timely fashion and there aren’t any “filler” episodes.

Where do I start about this man? VERY eventful, yet somehow still mildly uninteresting. Human beings are complex creatures and not every situation is black and white.

Kankar Episode 23 – 22nd November 2013

But this showed that these girls had strength regardless of their situations, because they had their family’s support. Whether negative or positive, which ever character he plays is very relatable.


But the difference between her behavior towards Kiran and Arzoo pricks me. Sarmad and Sara moved away because Sarmad dislikes Paras and she moved back home and now his parents dote after Paras’ daughter. He apologizes for always being cold towards her, despite loving her like a daughter in his heart. It sends out a great message to Pakistani society about how to treat your daughters, wives and loved ones. Episoode four episodes in, but it has kept me wanting more each week.

These questions are agonizing as a viewer, but it’s keeping me hooked! Also, the storyline novemner not coming across as a strong one.

Ramblings of a Pakistani Drama Fan:

How did she afford a car?! And she had no objections. Jealous of everyone, be it Haniya or her own brother, Samina has no priorities of her own. Relationships can’t be perfect, but if a person is willing to bend, problems can be solved.

Fawad Afzal Khan Yes, his looks can make you skip many heartbeats. The fact that she agreed to forgive Novembber because Ahmed asked her to, says a lot about her commitment to him.

This woman is truly repulsive at times. The only thing I liked about him.