These people basically are manipulating a naive girl to become forever dependent on them, thus emotionally chaining her to the village for the rest of her life. Glad atleast they were able to see each other even after some years. However, the network credited the anime for “so many striking visual elements” and “effective designs”. Kind of an unfortunate message. After a while this show started to remind me of Watamote and how I felt watching that show. Each has a mecha , an “other self” for the Orochi’s body, with its spirit appearing as a bottomless vortex of darkness.

Want to add to the discussion? Just right now though, the show seems to have disestablished one of the core, if not the core, premise of its story. In my 15 years of watching anime, Kuma Miko is the first one to really resonate with me on a personal level. I thought its own tone was evident with its kooky 1st ep though. Flair your posts Do not post untagged spoilers. Yeah, those goddamn village hicks should stay in their village and never go anywhere again.

So cute, but the guilt I started forming ideas about their attitudes towards me in my head, regardless of whether they actually said it to me or not. About the beginning I did think things happened too fast and were sorta confused, like it was lacking parts, they tried to put a lot of stuff in a short amount of time October 1, [2]. I heard about this anime some years ago, when searching for yuri couples on youtube, many people refered this anime on their vids and comments, so as a yuri fan it was one of those anime I wanted to watch eventually.


Kannazuki no Miko – Wikipedia

I also think that Machi’s negative character developement, as I read someone describe it, is realistic due to what I mentioned above. Because I really believed it would end like revieew the way things were going.

Flair your posts Do not post untagged spoilers. And that’s where it messed me up, nothing has changed. In the end, Kannazuki No Miko is a perfectly enjoyable series that potentially could have been better if it were a bit longer but doesn’t really do anything that other series’ haven’t done better. It was never funny.

I didn’t mind the ending. So in the end, he chooses the selfish thing to do and enables Machi’s hikkikomori tendency. He thinks “being shy” can’t mean that you don’t wpisode to do something.

Machi as a character I like.


kannazki One of the top worst ending I’ve ever seen. The little epilogue made me smile. Kind of an unfortunate message. I just feel that someday they would find an end to the cycle. Machi is way too optimistic before doing things.

Kannazuki no miko

Kannazuki no Miko Episode 12 Discussion. This way however, it wasn’t even “so bad it’s good” after episode 8, but episdoe bad, period. But I’m very happy with the conclusion, mainly where Chikane explains she wanted to make Himeko hate her and kannazhki herself, to activate the world restore ritual.

I’ve only just now gotten around to watching the finale. However after a blinding flash of light brings him to his senses, he rejects kannaxuki fate and vows to defend Himeko against the other Orochi.

US Anime Network Started off pretty slow but once it started fleshing out the love between them both it got pretty decent. Their chemistry and interaction was just really fun to watch and the heart of the series. For an example watch basicaly any of Anita Sarkesian’s videos.


I don’t know about this. The ending is cleverly done, pulling at the heartstrings but at the same time having an epilogue which hints that there really might be a happy ending for kannazukki involved. The fact that there’s no further discussion of how he’s treated her or his apparent inner conflict is par for course in this show as it’s not a show kannazuk features complex or interesting characters but is pretty much just a light comedy with some unfortunate subject matter.

That was outright torturing a girl and pushing her further into her anxiety. If there’s anything poor about it it’s the fact that his treatment of Machi is never really addressed despite the fact that they’re apparently very close.

In this show, literally everyone around her, with the exception oh Hibiki, actively works to make Machi miserable and forces her at every turn to do things she is uncomfortable with. Can’t even escape reality in my animu. The thing kannzuki bothered me the most is Natsu knew he was in the wrong.

Machi is such a spolied selfish little shit. She needs serious therapy. This ending is shit.