But what can I do? I left home early morning without eating anything. Do not do this, Feride. Yasin ‘Kibrit’ Ulutas episodes, He seemed like he had gone crazy. I will return to the casino. She picked up the phone.

Ayten, what can I offer ikram etmek you? Mahir did not come out yet. But I spared your life. My oath is also big, Yusuf. You took the pass and scored the goal immediately aninda. Mahir, you are my real brother from different parents. What I said exactly happened

Please, I am waiting urgently for news from you.

You just tell me that. Believe me if Catherine Deneuve dear Funda… work on your French-names pronunciation xox stands next to you, she will disappear. Our good wishes are always with you. Seyis was at his farm with his men waiting for the weapons shipment to arrive. My father was at the wedding last night, he said it too.

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I will enter their passages dehliz and sit on their table; otherwise there is no meaning 779 me to walk on this road abi. It is you again, Feride?


My character and my stance are clear, azizim. May Allah make it easy for you.

We are obliged to do this to keep Mahir in safe and to not regret it later b y saying if only…. Haydi let us go. But I spared your life. Yasin, I will not leave home tomorrow.

The eyes of the entire country karadayii on us Selim.

But Mahir is very determined, he will find the one who made his family living this pain and take his revenge. I accept your decision.

But do not worry; our ship was the last one that escaped. What is our fault, Mahir? As you can see, those came after us have sunk batmak. Nail abi gives the alcohol permit ruhsat to the person and not to the place Since Ayten hanim came all the way here, it must be really important news.

She walked and stood next to her assistance, Aysel. Karadayi will take care of your territory from now on, really? Give me the cash In order to establish a connection between us, I said yes, but….


I contacted him, though contacting the man for a small thing like this was not nice. He heard that the territory and the gambling den has changed its owner.

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I poured some water on her grave. Do you want to drink coffee? Come on in quickly. When you finish your work, come and see me. You will follow him. Bring it from Paris. Especially your brother Necdet must never know.

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You owe me nothing. I have to prevent mani olmak Mahir. Dalyan tells Mahir to let them get inside, wash their hands and face then fill their stomachs. I know, that is the feeling you get when you know you cannot beat Mahir, right Hilmi….

Eeeh, what will happen now?