The Target of the Conspiracy. So both of them are martial artists fighting each other. The Leg That Spans the Rainbow. The Winner And The Loser. We just witnessed an open-weight fight between a Middleweight and a Heavyweight. An Action Star’s Real Strength. Muay Thai Boy 1.

Japan vs Brazil Ninja Showdown 2. Ibuki Kengo vs Kohinata Minoru 1. The Target of the Conspiracy. Bubudai Captain’s Sorrowful Determination. Get Drunk on the sweet Sake of Victory. Zanboba All reviews 28 people found this review helpful Preliminary.

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One Week Before the Tournament. A boy as main character. Lewd scenes and pranks. From the start, we have a main male protagonist who is just an average boy until he becomes involved with an individual with episodd gifts.

Both stories are about a young man who gets tired of being bullied and picks up martial arts to be able to defend himself.

The Masked Pervert 1. Preparing for the Heat.

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru

The Men at the Top. The Fated Taishou Fight 4. Mai Penrai’s Special Training. Both are about a male lead who want to get stronger through Karate, Kohinata Minoru is bit more mature though Karate vs Ninja 1. The Man Called Ogata Tomoharu. There is a good deal of characterization that revolves their progresses as they face prominent rivals. In addition, there’s decent character growth with the main protagonist that sees him evolve over the course of the story.


Kohinata Minoru Crash Course Declaration. Challenge to the Middle Weight Champion. And as the story progresses, we learn the various fighting mechanics in both series. In Order to Aim for the Top. Ibuki Kengo vs Kohinata Minoru 3.

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Resolve For One More Step. The Plan is Executed.

Keep in mind they have restrictions in place to avoid spam. One evening, a karate student at the college, Mutou Ryuuji, witnesses Minoru being bullied and comes to the rescue Fresh Blood Semi-Final 2. Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru is one of the first manga I have ever read since I used to do Karate I wanted to read a realistic Karate manga even though I was sure that there won’t be any but I am glad that I came across it.

There is a limit of 4 clips per user per week. Comedy is also present along with a realistic storyline that focuses on their journey.

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Shamo add permalink They both focus around fairly young men and brutal karate fights. The Karate Club in the Bar. While in Severe Pain. Overall 5 Story 5 Art 7 Character 6 Enjoyment 2. I don’t see Minoru as an MMA manga yet, just a few chapters. Minoru makes new friends and learns some of their dark pasts, including a shocking death that reveals motives for revenge. Remember to tag your spoilers! Fierce Attack in the Final Round. Versus the Kendo Club 4. Imai vs Mamiya 1. All fanart dng must flaired and posted appropriately.


I love All Rounder Meguru because of the realism and knowledge of martial arts the mangaka shows.

Champion vs Green Belt 2. The Man Who Knows Kohinata. The Quality of Corage. New Star of Karate World. Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Kairyuu Japanese: In Buyuden, it’s about boxing while Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru focuses on karate and martial arts.

Although he starts out as a gymnast alongside his friend, Nana, Minoru is bullied by the higher ranked gymnasts. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Now To the Stage of the Final.