Probably one series every other season. I know this seems odd, given all the other fantastical things he and others have done in this series, but this broke suspension of disbelief for me. On the one hand, success for the shogunate means the ruination for Japan. Shichika was really cool, and it’s good to see what can he really do if he don’t have any restriction. I’d use “epic”, I guess. Ore no Imouto, etc. What I object to is the entire idea that she was driven by vengeance in the first place, particularly in such a weirdly convoluted way. The serpent imagery that surrounds Togame makes it clear that her outlandish explanation about how she manipulates everything as part of her very nature is in fact true.

You can shatter Shichika in other ways. And now the series is over, completely wrapped up, done. I was enjoying the series, having fun watching it, and then episode 12 came and stole my enjoyment away, made me not enjoy watching it. I’m a little bit depressed – how long will it take for another series comparable in quality and intelligent content to come out? Shichika badass mode ON. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The way it was written just makes me feel like they writer wants me to feel bad. Or did she have separate goals that DID succeed?

katanagatari episode 12 animeultima list

Not that I think about, and look at all those animeultia moe-blobs, romcoms and crap like that You can redeem her in other ways. He keeps of lock of her hair in his belt.

So maybe this is another reason why she was happy she died. Comments 13 Trackbacks 1 Leave a comment Trackback. Anyway, keep up the great work you two. Shichika at the very beginning of the series was a sword, not a person. Development over the course of 9 episodes, possible retrogression in episode 10, but other factors like how when she found out Shichika killed his own father was a giant leap in development. Probably one series every anieultima season.

Perhaps when she was dying and her plans for vengeance were dashed, she could ignore that and focus on her romantic feelings. Am I being punished? That doesn’t make it less outlandish, though, or edifying, or consistent with prior episodes. Togame is dead huh? I think Togame didn’t blame Hitei, because she tells Shichika to tell her thanks.


I suppose the reason I did not immediately jump on your interpretation is that I reject that concept of freedom, at least as a positive thing. Notify me of new comments via email. There is nothing deep about the ending, after all the depth of the first 11 episodes.

That will even less possible here than it was for last episode, so fair warning. He could’ve took her to medical help easily. Must be tough being Togame the Strategian or Hitei-hime.

Katanagatari Episode 12 Discussion

Togame’s loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong last words almost 15 mins. I know this seems odd, given all the other fantastical things he and others have done in this series, but this broke suspension of disbelief for me. Without direction he sets out across japan to make the map he and togame discussed earlier on and in the process spread the incorrect animmeultima of cheerio, allowing himself to be followed by followed by the woman who ordered Togame’s assassination she covers his expenses and maybe some nights he fools himself into thinking she is Togame, on those nights he sleeps soundly, undisturbed.

I think he kills all of them except the one who had the useless Seito Katanaagtari, the 10th sword He’s stronger now and his opponents are weaker, but one of Kyotouryuu’s strengths as a school is eliminating swords directly. Then the ending took the beautiful balance that had been established and turned the series aimeultima a breathtakingly executed swan-dive directly into concrete.

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I loved how he had all that super fast speed in his fight with emonzamon only to make sure that every bullet hit him, not to just dodge all of the xD. Well, I will also admit that the poor sap who was assigned the tenth sword, which isn’t really a weapon at all, was good for a little laugh. Who knows what the true objective was, but in the end she said she understands but would never throw away her objective vengeance, ambition, etc.


And then, the lightning paced 2nd half. Katanagatari at its best featured clever action, witty dialogue, and fascinating if flawed characters who were trying, in most cases, to be better. Wouldn’t had said it better myself. Unfortunately, one of the reasons I loved the show was in how, for its shades of gray, it did show both Shichika and Togame mutually guiding each other to be better, more loving and life-affirming people.

It is very sad that Togame died, but at least in the end Shichika is shown to be kind of happy.

katanagatari episode 12 animeultima list

Even if it were destined to end tragically as these shows often arethis tragic ending is forced, out of place, and ultimately degrading to everything that has come before it. The narrator summarizes the show as nothing but a series of failures. Oh well, this is more or less what you, yourself said.

Togame seems actually quite happy about her death; now that revenge is impossible she is free to be honest. I believe in order to save Togame from the path of vengeance, which will ultimately destroy herself, Hitei decided to kill Togame. I would disagree with one little aspect of your commentary: The failure to protect a fief, to enrich a ninja clan, to aid girls wounded by the world, to woo a woman—those Shichika fought had in a sense failed in their goals even before Shichika came along to defeat them.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He katanagafari trained that way by his father and it was constantly reinforced by a psychotic sister.