This item is eligible for Free International Shipping. Over time, their relationship takes a turn for the better, a pill too bitter to swallow for Chin Tsun who has long fancied Sik Sik. I thought the ending was great. Plus love relationship is a very complicated stuff especially a cheating one. My BFF went out with my ex the second day we broke up, having great time at movies etc etc and since that day till now I can only be a hi-bye friend with her. Or better editing and consistency with Sik Sik missing Kung Tzi or feeling guilty for scolding him or apologising, you know some humility on her part. Chun Chun was right to be frustrated for Nic. TVBoutboundlove to tell you search up bosco wong on your computer!

So in the same reasoning I should kill someone first before I can write a review about a murder mystery? Started to miss the fun of watching Lok Kong Tze every night and reading your review the following morning. TVB does not know how to make a good love story. Ruco plays Luk Kung Ji, he’s a Malaysian tour guide, loves to play and sweet talks, but his real job is a Hong Kong music producer. He fled to Malaysia because he broke up with girlfriend Hong Yi Kiu When it comes to emotion and love, logic thinking does not prevail all the time. Submit Your Business today I am surprised she is surprised Ruco never called to tell her.

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You know I just realised Sik Sik never did tell Kung Tzi her innermost feelings, her turmoils, her heart ache. Anyway she narrated that love can change someone and for someone who hated durian, now she could eat durian outboujd of her love for one man.


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I agree with you about Nic. Like how characters develop through the series.

Login or Register before you can reply to dama arisa. In Malaysia she visited the old places she visited, even ate durian which she hated before but now? I want Sik Sik to realise that her heart actually belongs to LKZ without Nic having to put on that show to make her give up on him.

I agree with most of your points. Ruco plays Luk Kung Ji hes a Malaysian tour guide loves to play and sweet talks but his real kazesbo is a Hong Kong music producer. Principal filming of this series took place in two countries; Hong Kong of course, and the other one is Malaysia. I never bought Ruco and Aimee to be romantic couple. Next day apparently Sik Sik forgot she outboujd Ruco like a dog the night before or nights before because outhound came by to see his mom together with Nic and was surprised to know Ruco left for Japan for recording with Jason Lam.

Reviews are her own opinions. Episode 1 Magazine Preview. Now is the answer we have been waiting for. Morning came, and he changed into all white and was her white knight. Enter your email address: Please login or register. Lastime, I always view those ppls that commit suicide because of love to be fools.

Sik Sik felt offended, she confronted Ruco and asked him why he felt he should be the one to decide who she should end up lovr

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Thank you for taking the time kazzeebo write your episodic thoughts. This series was definitely more a light-hearted romantic story than an epic romantic tale…but at least it stays true to what it was promoted as. What pride in any man will allow him to give friendly call to a woman who blasted him for doing the honourable thing? He is known to portray strong acting skill, and he as the main lead here had no problem on carrying the series, or even helped to enhance the series.


I mean I just listen to it and not seeing it, the hurts is unbearable. Not in ,ove episode or the next or even the sequel Inbound Love.

Ruco said he truly believed Nic loved her, he truly believed Nic will be her guardian angel and will make her happy. Ending is extremely boring. He was being so decisive. Sometimes the most effective way of conveying sadness or grief is to just let the eyes do the talking, like Ruco for example. Relative to its body size, this carnivore has the most powerful jaws in the entire animal kingdom, and is able to crush even outboundd toughest of bones.

The 22 episode series averaged 26 points.

Login or Register before you can reply to Ellie. Why make him to be so great to sacrifice himself? Notify me of new comments via email. Ruco serenading her with a guitar or at least just the song — never happened b. She walked past the mural where Ruco once hid the purple flower clip and so she reached in and in it she found her long lost bracelet and cried a little and knew Ruco was there.