Ku Ku Kachoo Mr. Gwen Masilongan as Aki Hinata. In B, Natsumi is feeling grumpy, so she disallows all sorts of things. Looking for information on the anime Keroro Gunsou Sgt. Yuko Tachibana as Gururu. Tired of Keroro’s lazy ways, Giroro has Kururu invent a ray to turn the sergeant from slacker to stickler. Diego Sabre as Giroro.

Marcella Silvestri as Kozuki Azumaya. In part A, Keroro takes Fuyuki and Natsumi on a trip to the moon, while also hoping to quietly ditch his invasion deadline countdown. Rosa Aguado as Satsuki Catalan dub. Keroro Gunso Report Sep 2, Frog Season 1 collection contains episodes Rica Matsumoto as Yamato ep With Keroro realizing and telling it was actually him telling Giroro it was okay to burn it, they get tied to pieces of wood on a campfire and get punished.

Sgt Frog Keroro Gunso. Keroro is given his own room in the basement of the Hinata family house, which he refurnishes and uses as a base, not realizing that the room is haunted by gunsso ghost. He immobilizes both Keroro and Fuyuki, but Natsumi easily overcomes the traps with her brute strength and knocks out Giroro. Hyeon-Jin Lee as Chiroro. Theron Martin has the details.

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Greg Dulcie as Keroro’s Father ep Keroro epiisode Fuyuki spend an afternoon at Grandma’s house. Taisetsu na Hito o Mamoru ta me ni de Arimasu ” Japanese: Because of his feelings for Keroro, Tamama does everything engllish can to dissuade Karara from wanting to marry him. Dororo, Saburo and Tamama find Mois beating up people and head to the Hinata’s house to investigate.


Miki Itou as Super Dali Mother ep Akira Ishida as Saburo Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when Keroro unexpectedly arrives. Frog “Test Episode” Nov 3, Alice Beaver as Tamama Animax dub.

Funimation has released DVDs for Sgt. In a prequel to the first segment, the Hinata family first discovers and captures Sgt.

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Have you seen this? From Gynso, the free encyclopedia. Miguel Ortiz as Paul Moriyama Spain dub. In part B, Fuyuki, Momoka, and the keroro platoon except for dororo and kururuget stranded on a deserted island.

Where can i download Keroro Gunso?

Chris Cason as Gesu eps 13, 69 Mr. Michael Chinnici as Mojaran ep The next day he lost his belt and feels useless and clumsy. Studio Gong Sound Production: Kerooro Sakakibara as Momoka’s Mother ep Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss?

After a freak accident involving Tamama’s training machine, Momoka’s two different personalities split up. Brittney Karbowski as Mrs. Keroro’s excitement for his birthday soon melts into despair as he starts believing that his friends forgot about it. Michael Tatum as Dororo. Mathieu Moreau as Garuru. Fuyuki takes the Keroball Keroro’s weapon and fiddles around with it, accidentally sending a signal to yunso Keronian invasion fleet alerting them of Keroro’s capture.


In part A, Keroro ruthlessly tries making the most of his meal at a conveyor-belt sushi place. InFunimation Entertainment released the first English dubbed version of the anime which has spanned a total of six 12 to episode DVD sets, with the first four sets later released in two larger 25 to episode box sets. Frog Season One Part One is sib 13 episode set that brings an outrageously funny show to American shores.

How the West Was Run! Simone D’Andrea as Fuyuki Hinata. Nozomu Sasaki as Chibaba ep Sababa ep Kululu finds him an audition in a children’s program and is actually doing good until Keroro and Tamama feel jealous and jump into the show too. Bradley Campbell as Mr. Eba Ojanguren Spain dub.

August Aug 25, Discover and save your own Pins on Pinterest. Download keroro gunsou movie 1 mp4 p sub indo. Guido Rutta Loredana Nicosia season 3. Frog Keroro Gunso 2nd Season Vol. Close Encounters of the Frog Kind ” Transcription: Steve Powell as Clerk ep 5.

Parent’s Classroom Visit” Transcription: Jared Hedges Mix Engineer: Teruaki Ogawa as Alien. Kenichi Mochizuki as Cleaner 1 ep 14 Martial artist ep 1.