In B, Dororo gets angry at Keroro for leaving rice in his bowl. However his plan backfires when Fuyuki and Natsumi are having fun, rather than suffering from the cold. To date, the first 78 episodes have been released in English by FUNimation. Kululu inspires his fellow invaders when he mysteriously starts helping out around the Hinata house. In part A, a pair of alien kids arrive on Earth seeking revenge for their father. He immobilizes both Keroro and Fuyuki, but Natsumi easily overcomes the traps with her brute strength and knocks out Giroro. Cow Flesh of Love!

Keroro and Fuyuki then walk across a lane, in which Fuyuki sees some familiar places he went to within that lane when he was little kid. A god from Keron comes and chases Karara and Chiroro to Pekopon. Momoka tries to confess her feelings for Fuyuki, but is interrupted when Tamama farts while hidden inside her schoolbag. She didn’t invite the others, but strangely, they still came. Tamama meets a young soccer player who isn’t really good, so Tamama decides to become his teacher. Manatsu no Owarai Batoru de Arimasu ” Japanese:

In fact, she just wanted to rest from all the attention she gets. Keroro, Fuyuki and Natusmi watch a television special on famous landmarks and whether or not aliens created them.

InFunimation Entertainment released the first English dubbed version of the anime which has spanned a total of six 12 to episode DVD sets, with the first four sets later released in two larger 25 to episode box sets. Adosei kku Tengoku de Arimasu ” Japanese: Fuyuki and Momoka investigate the new secret base while the platoon thinks they are intruders.

Everything goes well until Keroro kicks the ball into his own goal. Dororo and Koyuki are taken prisoner by a member of the Vipers, natural enemies of the Keronians.

The Hinatas visit Grandma in her house at the mountain and the Platoon tag along. Mois walks on them and runs out of the house.

Keroro Gunsou AFGS

Dororo reminds Keroro of him abusing Dororo in the Keron Army health inspection, and almost makes them suffocate, when Natsumi arrives and is about to attack. It’s up to Keroro to save the show! However, after a few days that announcement was changed, and Keroro Otsu was just delayed for one week, returning to the original plans for the series’ ending, [2] although airing everything one week later.


Keroro enters the platoon into the world cup, hoping dpisode gain control of Pekopon. Desperate for funds, the Keroro Platoon open an aquarium.

Keroro signs a deal to episodd two Earth humans for a ticket to a sports game on Keron with the Events Alien. Natsumi suspects that Keroro will use his invisibility device to go out and cause trouble, so she convinces her family to install hidden cameras throughout the house to spy on him.

Keroro Gunsou 1/2

Momoka attends a meeting for Fuyuki’s paranormal club at his house in an attempt to become closer to him, but is frequently interrupted by Keroro and Tamama’s antics. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fuyuki competes in a tournament of occult-based challenges to save his occult club. Seeing Saburo in the audience, she gets too lovesick and makes a fool out of herself. When Giroro hears that, he realizes what interests him the most and what he really wants to do When Natsumi seeks to get revenge on Keroro, she and Fuyuki find themselves in Keroro’s latest plan: They discover that Kururu added something to the curry; but what?

The Keroro Platoon turn into kites to take their invasion to the skies. Natsumi, Fuyuki, Koyuki and Mois go to a festival in which they find the Platoon scamming people. Kululu finds him an audition keror a children’s program and is actually doing good until Keroro and Tamama feel jealous and jump into the show too. Keroro calls Dororo “most popular and loved dororo heichou”, with Dororo getting all happy, not realizing he has been tricked. He is instead kept as a pet and forced to do chores for the Hinata family, which consists of paranormal maniac Fuyuki, his ill-tempered older sister Natsumi, and their manga-editing mother Aki.

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A battle between Keronians, humans and Mois starts for the control of the Lucifer Spear that would grant the destruction, conquer or safety of the planet. When things were looking good a tiger horse attacked them, when Keroro looked at a childhood toy, his tramua turned on.

In part A, Keroro finds out Natsumi and Fuyuki have a health inspection on episodd school. Koyuki spends New Year’s with the Hinatas, and quickly forms a deep bond with their grandmother. Private Taruru lands on Pekopon, and thinks Tamama is the sarge, due to some lies on Twitter. Gero Gero 30 Minutes, 13 Stories” Transcription: Things do not go as planned, as usual.

Each member skbbed the Keroro platoon creates a beverage for a vending machine of Kululu’s creation. Keroropan de Arimasu ” Japanese: After that, Fuyuki and Momoka fall in love, when Kururu finds out that the Legendary Cherry Blossom Tree is actually the child of an alien called “Sakura Sakuura”, and Momoka decides to hand the “child” over.

Frog episodes season 2. In part B, Tamama ponders a turtle going slowly down funso country road he encounters during his training. He uses it to invade the Hinata residence, trapping Fuyuki and Natsumi.

Keroro 266

Keroro goes to Fuyuki’s school in search of the other members of his platoon. Kululu shows all of them a video of Mois’ activities which was supposed to be secret and a gift to her father. Kululu inspires his fellow invaders eoisode he mysteriously starts helping out around the Hinata house.