She is walking toward the building! As a comedy I guess it lives up to its expectation but not in a good way. Fujimoto is back, and it’s raining, so he’s getting his laundry away, and there’s shiny stuff. Kobato’s adorable, looks like she had a good life at that estate. The only reason I never dropped it Besides, it’s only the second one out of how many?

Lol, I don’t think I’m making much sense but just my opinion. But then again, he yells at Kobato. And this show has an interesting view on the afterlife. I have lost all respect I once had for them. Now Kobato’s wish has been granted That’s the most negative comments I have seen, not a single positive in yours so why are you keep watching this anime? That sound a bit weird of you, you are hoping it’d end good but still not want Kobato to return. Where -do- those flames come from

Sayaka said when everything’s complete, let’s go to field trip.

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I’m very interested in how she’ll go about “healing’ Fujimoto. If people are being reborn over and over, do all their personal records and memories in humanity just disappear? Despite the fact that its not the type of anime i usually watch, this anime actually hooked me in since the First Episode, idk what exactly kobayo was that hooked me, but i watched every episode and as i said its not my type of anime but And the picture with Kobato back in it. But then again, he yells at Kobato.

Since she was almost done, Usyagi had a change of decision. I do wish the rest of the show would have been a bit more consistent, the events in the last two episodes now seemed really sudden, but I guess that all added up to the drama. At the beguining of the story i thought Kobato was hiding devil horns under her hat, and that her wish was to go to heaven and be an angel.


Kobato’s adorable, looks like she had a good life at that estate. Ends with that photo, still no Kobato that time. A kiss may earn him a certain dreadful award How can engliwh guys be asking for more character development?

We never got to see the true appearances of those who are from the Spirit world, also, the netherworld too. And it even followed the manga pretty nicely: My favorite thing was Kobato’s awesome outfits and the music.

Now Fujimoto’s long wait has ended Anyone who rates this anime 5 stars needs a slap to the face? I mean it is not inappropriate but it is not worth their time. Yen Press will release the first two volumes this Summer, so I’ll definitely look out for them.

Fear me or Not it is all the same to me. Fujimoto is back, and it’s raining, so he’s getting his laundry away, and there’s shiny stuff. But i’m also sad it was “just” a love story, quite similar to Wish, because i think Kobato x Fujimoto relationship wasn’t developed enough She said the piano was good, and that for some reason she knows the song. We’ll probably see more of him in the future though, since they started a larger story arc with Kobato helping to keep the nursery running.

Now it ends with everyone with a new happy life. Oh well, the anime was alright, sound, animation, enjoyment, was about astoryline was crap though. Kobato, from different human world, passed away in tragic event. The 4-year period is the time Fujimoto has been working with his current employers, but before that he needed to finish university, and maybe work episodr else to gain experience.

He even went all ‘Points Nazi’. P Also, those who are bashing CLAMP, know that the manga is still ongoing, and you never know what ffreak be there once you start turning the pages.

After the job, he returned kombeito shiny stuff when he got the laundryand asked to sing that song along with the piano. But they have yet to make anything that deserves much praising. I really enjoyed this episode. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Kobato, without the crown and the hat, is talking to him as if she met him for the first time she has reborn.


Yes the sparkling lights at the end is the memory gained and returned to everyone who met Kobato and everything that had happened with her with them. I didn’t have much, but still. P I’m glad someone caught on to their recycled endings. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Fujimoto said she has made him wait so long! And that scene with the kid was touching. Fujimoto said yes, with everyone! It wasn’t just because she was out of time. It turns out that Ioryogi stays in the human world, looking at the ending, so that other people like the bear guy stays like that.

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I think you are the only one who would say such rude comments. Remember that Kobato is still a maturing child, probably around 12 years old, and Fujimoto is most likely about to reach his 30s. I have lost all respect I once had for them. Left a warm feeling. After all Kobato was already a young teen, and the kindergarten kids were already that big. You have to wonder why his parents divorced I am hope and despair needed by all and to none. What a beautifull ending, the sparking think that coming back does that mean they remember Kobato?

I’ve been wondering about that. It was that painful.