I sincerely hope, though, that they don’t get together. Shiko Nice Drama, even if i couldnt get the last episodes. And I have to say, Kyoko’s character is one heck of a stalker. But this is a bit unrealistic though, why did he only defend and knock out his opponent with one punch? And yet for some reason, she convinced me that she WAS Toko. I like him only after watching Summer Snow and listening to his album.

The story was kinda random though. Reviewed by Amy on 6 January Comments by occultangle [Rating: XD] I never watched Goong personally, but some of my friends did and even though they loved it to a point where they were obsessed, they just thought some parts dragged on forever. Almost to the point that made me think she was a stalker.. My fav type of dramas! Posted September 20,

This is the first Tsuyoshi drama I have seen and wow Koishihe story about teenager love [Rating: Fortunately for her she finds out that he part times at the flower shop that she can see from the roof top of the department store where she works at a Crepe restaurant Japanese department store has open air restaurants at its roof top.

Google Analytics cookies wztch by Google LLC used for the purpose of analysing visitor traffic on this website. My friend told me that after watching this dorama I will like him. I heard the manga was pretty good though.

Comments by Lulurz [Rating: By 0ly40 Started September 7, Otherwise I would suggest finding something with a bit more substance to watch. Posted September 16, You won’t lose interest in this one.


To heart ~ koishite shinitai [to Heart 恋して死にたい]

The story is predictable but is still enjoyable if you fast-forward every time Kyoko is on screen But don’t worry – it can happen to the best of us, – and it just happened to you. Comments by zelie [Rating: Ai wa power daiyo!!!! Comments by Julianlivre [Rating: Her initial meeting with Yuji in a video store ends quickly with both ridiculing the other’s video selections. So if you are the type of person, such as me, whose heart melts at said adorableness, then you will happily smile at watching her portray memorable moments such as calling out of work sad and walking along dangerous ledges in order to prove her love.

To Heart ~ Koishite Shinitai

It’s essentially a very simple plot with a very simple message involving very few actors but there’s a magic touch to the show that makes one stay with it to the end, JUST to get the kick of seeing Tsuyoshi get together with Kyoko, something whcih you know the director couldnt possibly bear to deprive his audience from.

I still didn’t really like her towards the end too.

Tohko is living inand dreams of falling in love before the world supposedly ends in Call her annoying, unable to act, whatever Tohko is living inand dreams of falling in love before the world supposedly ends in OK, so she was stalking him She asks at the flower shop where he lives, and the store owner who’s a lady, and who Yuji has a crush on gives her his address. I was screaming along with Fukakkyon while waching this dorama.


To heart: koishite shinitai (TV Series – ) – IMDb

I found her a little more annoying in Remote Please try again later or contact us. I bought the whole series for keepsake. Storywise I give you one word “ehck”. I thought koishute was a bit boring actually Reviewed by chentnk on 14 June At the time I was in love and obsess. The OST was great too.

To heart ~ koishite shinitai [to Heart 恋して死にたい] – Japanese Series – AFspot Forum

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Reviewed by jpnallbuzzedsaw on 15 June I liked the other characters: Game of Thrones Nine noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Posted January 14, Click here to suggest a video for this drama YouTube videos only. It got better after episode 4.

This means that you cannot reply to this topic. By larus Started 8 hours ago. Comments by Longman [Rating: Yuana i love this drama, it shows the power of love, and the love is very fairy-tale like,pure love! Comments by yami [Rating: But Tohko is determined to win Yuji, and never stops cheering him on in his dream to become a champion boxer.

Akai Hidekazu Yoshii Masaru. Comments by dnie [Rating: In fact, she’s not even a good singer.

Reviewed by elise on 12 October