Talk to the Animals: At the end, Ignatious says Happy Hanukkah. After following them, Kevin finds out that they are being led by alien beaver, named Buggy, who is helping them build weapons with the trees. But when Plunk escapes, a chase leads Krypto and Plunk into Streaky’s body. A group of superdogs from outer space come to earth to catch a villainous cat named Mechanikat and his sidekick Snooky Wookums who has been wreaking havoc all over the cosmos! Top Dog A movie star dog makes a pact with Snooky so that the actor can wear a super suit. But when he gets transported into the game, Krypto and Streaky have got to help him fight his way to the end.

It seems like an easy task, but Blackbeak’s pendant holds a special power. Superman — The World’s Greatest Superheroes — Krypto the Superdog Series 1 Episodes Episode guide. Bathound is frustrated when a feisty Robin decides to become his crime-fighting partner. Ignatius changes the weather, making it Summer during the Winter. When Tusky Husky loses his tooth, he puts it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Krypto is missing and it’s up to Streaky the Cat to rescue him.

Invasion From the Planet Peanut: Ignatious uses a time machine to travel back in time to the period of the Dinosaurs, but Krypto superdo Kevin come back with him. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

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When a little girl finds Ignatious, everybody in the store screams. Ace the Bat-Hound arrives in Metropolis and enlists Krypto’s help to track down and stop the Joker’s Hyenas latest scheme. Streaky wants to impress his nephew, Squeaky, by making him believe he is a big-time superhero. Chaos ensues when Waddles, the Penguin’s penguin, steals Streaky’s superpowers.


Krypto and Streaky meet up with a veteran fire dalmatian named Smokey who has just learned a new puppy is joining the fire station crew.

Seek and Pleek return to show Krypto and Kevin their latest criminal capture, named Plunk. When Ignatius gets bored, he clones himself with a new Lexcorp device. Bad Hair Day Ignatius creates a formula to grow super hair.

Red kryptonite causes Lrypto tail to become sentient and detach from his body. When Krypto is rendered powerless by the effects of red kryptonite, Ace the Bat Hound gives him a bat collar so they can track down the Penguin’s birds. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When Krypto loses his powers to red kryptonite, Bat Hound equips him with bat gear.

Add to Watchlist Added. Bathound is frustrated when a feisty Robin decides to become his crime-fighting partner. Kevin uncovers a Kryptonian robot dog inside Krypto’s spaceship, but this new friend only wants to play with Krypto and is jealous of Kevin.

Streaky programs Dogbot to help Krypto so he can have more time with Kevin. Kevin plays one of his dad’s old video games on Krypto’s rocket computer. Furry Fish Krypto siperdog Streaky have an undersea adventure when red kryptonite turns them into fish.

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Krypto becomes jealous when he thinks Kevin likes Bat Hound more than Superdog. Kevin and his class eat Ignatius’s kryoto muffins.

The Penguin’s birds, however, have other plans for the heroes. The Curse of Oak Island 6. Bailey returns to prove Krypto’s secret identity as Superdog.

It turns out Mechanikat has conquered a planet and turned it into Catopia. Bat Hound is at superdot wit’s end when a feisty Robin decides to become his crime-fighting partner. The Dog Days of Winter: But when the machine gets out of control and creates endless clones of him, Superdog has to fetch them all.


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But when a teleporter device ends up in Melanie’s diaper, complete madness abounds! Kevin’s nasty cousin Bailey blackmails him when he finds out about Krypto. A royal cat has a “Roman Holiday” with Streaky, superog Isis the opportunity to steal the Queen’s jewels. While Kevin and Krypto are looking for its superdoy, Melanie and the baby monkey are stalked by a black jaguar.

Streaky assumes the new dog is a Smokey “replacement” and gets the bright idea to use a reluctant Krypto as Smokey’s super-double.

Krypto poses as an old firehouse dalmatian to help the ageing dog keep his job. A Superman Novel It’s Superman! Kevin learns what it’s like to be a dog when aliens adopt him as their pet. Meet the Dog Stars Krypto has his first encounter with the Dog Stars as they try to capture an evil kitten. He’s left with only one option Thd he is captured, he contact Krypto, who, along with Streaky, arrives to help. The Supercat Fan Club wants to go on a field trip with Streaky. They realizes that they underestimated him after Ace showed amazing detective skills.

Dog Star Patrol recruited Streaky for this mission.