Languages Italiano Edit links. Webarchive template wayback links Use dmy dates from October Articles to be expanded from March All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes. Still, I found myself checking over my shoulder for that entire day after watching it. They find footage on her cell phone Again, extremely crappy, bad, bad Nokia! Very, very doubtful they’d let that get taped but they did and she had it hidden – which is why we get to see the boy’s fake footage again ’cause they then see the shadow of their neighbor hiding in her closet, there hoping to find that tape. Each family unit in these films is dealing with the loss of an immediate family member and ultimately discovers how that loss turns upside down the reality they thought they knew. By Palvi Sharma – February 23, Alice had gone to camp there and a shaky footage shows the girls laughing and having fun but Alice, looking creeped out and frantically digging something under a tree.

Now, why had Alice gone to see a psychic? Very, very doubtful they’d let that get taped but they did and she had it hidden – which is why we get to see the boy’s fake footage again ’cause they then see the shadow of their neighbor hiding in her closet, there hoping to find that tape. It would be great if I had some Cliffs Notes to go along with it, but I did enjoy the movie. Languages Italiano Edit links. Death affects people in strange ways and coping with it is hard. That would kind of tell me not to go swimming for a while. I really enjoyed this movie, as a big horror “mockumentary” fan I thought Lake Mungo had some creepy and unsettling moments, it was different from other movies in this genre that I’ve seen so far.

But this is shot mpvie documentary style and maybe it was better that it was talked about rather than shown, for realistic purposes of course. This low budget movie is worth watch if you are looking for something different.


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Perhaps the makers wanted you to come up with your own theories or whatever. If anyone thought this movie was good or even remotely scary, they should try watching the Paranormal Activity movies.

Alice’s boyfriend finally comes forward with cell phone video footage showing Alice on a school trip to Lake Mungo, she is shown very upset and burying something beneath a tree.

And even with its multiple plot branches spokler the movie from having a focus, the basic story family coping with their loss resonates in a way few faux docs manage.

Be aware that the movie is mock-umntary, so there is no jump scares and anything like that. Anonymous June 15, at Unlike the Jack the Ripper legend, Golem is easily recognizable in the very first instance the character is introduced.

The movie was very effective and even though the movie would have been better off without Alice and her sex escapade with her neighbor, I liked it a lot still. What exactly was the mother alluding to?

By Palvi Sharma – May 20, After his daughter disappears, he is lost and throws himself into his work. The only hint of originality in this film was the admission by the brother that he had faked the initial footage and pictures supposedly showing his dead sister.

See, for the first half hour or so, we are told about how the family of the dead girl has been hearing things, and then the ghost of the girl begins appearing in photographs and home videos and such.

If I found out my neighbor was humping my 16 year mngo daughter, I’d track him down and beat his ass and then some. Thanks for the kind words Christien!

Pandorum Xtro 2: Based on that trailer, you might think you know what this film is about and where it is going. Anonymous May 28, at Her last wish was to tell her ,ake all her secrets. The movie follows this family who found out their daughter has died.

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Views Read Edit View history. Grief is not something that necessarily makes us stronger or better but it does touch at the core of our humanity; our ability to mourn and remember is a large part of what makes us human.


After Dark’s Lake Mungo”. The cast, who are all unknown to me, turn in amazing and believable performances.

Alice Kept Secrets: Cinematic Grief and ‘Lake Mungo’ (2008)

It could have been a great movie, but a lot of it was just plain stupid. Because folks that’s all this movie is. See, that is the problem with the movie – it continually raises questions but never mmovie a straight answer for any of them, and overcomplicates what should be movle simple and subtle story. At least that would have held my interest.

I have not seen it in quite some time, but your review immediately teleports me back to how I felt watching it for the first time. The Further 4 days ago.

Lake Mungo Review (2009)

After discussions with what would be future collaborators on Lake Mungothe decision was made to write something that could be filmed on a low budget. Have fun going through life as a dull razor.

Now, THAT video is undeniably creepy and will likely spoller the shit out of folks watching the movie at home, but again, we get no clear explanation or answers for any of it, which seems a bit puzzling when the film is ostensibly a documentary.

It brings in twists and turns that are harder to do in this documentary style. Anonymous October 7, at 5: We find that the girl was troubled GASP – a 16 year old with problems? Even if that had gone nowhere like they could’ve said that the neighbor refused to talk to them, hung up, etc.