Most thought the episode poignant, fantastic. I just have to say this – the 1 in 4 women are raped at college is total junk. I’m confused about the recording bad behavior line. Here comes the 16 season. The comedian starts joking about rape. She deserves to do something different. Eileen Bennett Christina Haag

TV by the Numbers. I can’t police their bedrooms. Their scenes seem stilted and awkward to me but that’s just me and I respect that other people think differently. Warren Leight answered a fan tweet that we will find out what was said in that phone call. I did think the episodes story had been told before, and necessary to be told again too. Sad situation that needs to be corrected.

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Watch Now With Prime Video. Renee going out on her own was just plain stupid, I figured she would at least have her ‘woman-group’ backing her up, listening in or something. She stood out as a very good episide. At least in the Stabler days there was always something with him ahd Benson but now, there is no spark between anybody there. Mariska is happy where she is, you can’t have a show without Mariska.

Epiode you watch his last appearance in season one you’ll see how vulnerable and tender he gets about the subject of sexual assault and knowing that how he couldn’t be someone who Benson would despise. Benson is ‘doomed’ to a lifetime with that abandoned baby so she won’t be lonely and hopefully not bitter either. Was there also a dig against home schooling?

I think Bensidy is finally over. The dialog could have been written by a high school student. Odafin Tutuola as Ice T. SVU is riding high and the public is corresponding. SVU with star Mariska Hargitay. Cassidy in a hospital gown though probably episoee he survives, question is if he survives the season tho if Lewis comes back for a visit.


If nothing else as long as the relationship continues in cannon story-line, even if Cassidy doesn’t make appearances that’s fine. Start your free trial. Icy – woho have you heard the latest about Dean Winter’s new gig? Nick and Cynthia could be an interesting dynamic. She went annd to kill herself after being slut shamed and relentlessly cyberbullied.

Odafin Tutuola as Ice T. SVU, ‘Comic Perversion ‘ “. Amanda Rollins Episide Belzer Nothing ever really disappears from the internet! He’s aiming for a season 20 to break records. Season 1 2 3 ogder. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: I agree with you Keith, nothing wrong with the writing imo either.

Comic Perversion

Fin is getting less and less time and I wonder if the show does return next season if Ice-T will be out. They are already sick of each other. They are writing her badly.

Full Cast and Crew. I’m tired of ripped from te headlines stories like this where the whole story is lifted from the news.

Silverman’s shtick ogder jokes about rape and reminds me so of back in the day when ABC weatherman Tex Antoine who got fired after making a joke about how women if they’re going to get raped should just relax and enjoy it. However I watched this ep.

Leo Barth Carrie Coon This episode had one of the most despicable characters in SVU history. I should turn in a guy every time a girl puts out and doesn’t get flowers the next day?


Brian Cassidy Sal Governale Dean Meyerson Lenny Platt I was shocked at the horrid writing first time since Warren took over am i bitterly disappointed at a script.

Its real and a huge problem that needs to be corrected. It bordered on lazy storytelling and writing though.

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Special Victims Unit ” episode. Their scenes seem stilted and awkward to me but that’s just me and I respect that other people think differently. Some kids have ruined their lives by taking photos of themselves in compromising poses.

Audible Download Audio Books. I liked Alec in 30 Rock but based on his public behavior, he needs help.

Share this Rating Title: Excellent recap of the episode, very detailed. Add the first question. Erin Lindsay Dean Winters I’m glad I’m not the only one who was a little incredulous about how sanctimonious they were being about this given their history, but I haven’t seen any other reviews bring it up.

I remember when Cragen left, he told Benson not to be married to the job, so I dunno but maybe that’s a clue to Benson to hang in there.