The film by F. To the credit of the authors of the film, such violence as well as violence in general is categorically condemned here. In the national-socialist period, the films were to demonstrate the image of the ideal teacher — a former or in-service military man, as the teacher Gruendel in The Boys, As early as in , the prohibitions on showing prostitution, racial amalgamation and taking drugs in films were abolished in the USA. Schwartz also noted a curious tendency in the films under analysis: Hill added a film image of the teacher- clown to this Hill,

However, this prohibition did not apply to the organization of the Hitler Youth, a powerful youth movement established in , and obligatory for teenagers from to engulfing millions of teenagers in Germany. And this, perhaps, is above all praise for the teacher, solace and gratitude. In some cases, they acquire a romantic color or indicate a violation of moral and social standards. Ehlers analyzed American films created between and and found out that the film images of teachers of that period began to lose its mission of setting positive examples for imitation Ehlers, Very often one can see an image of a benevolent and creative teacher who is opposed to a dictator educationalist. The authors of the media text told their target audience about the programme opportunities and the first experience of its implementation in several Chicago universities. Examples in the Russian cinema: Eco Eco, serve as the fundamental basis for the presented hermeneutic analysis.


These are just some of the influential movements and social phenomena in the US that arose as a l of the diverse, ever-changing, continuous process of political and cultural activities James, They are fit, dressed simply, but neatly, they have nice looks and voice. We are not inclined to agree with these statements, the message of the media text being to be able to find oneself in a vast world and to gain the right of an autonomous world outlook “But only in their dreams can men be rilm free.

The educational institution’s philosophy is based on four postulates: You will learn to savor words and language. The cance assessment of the confrontation between conservative and creative approaches, the spatial limitation of one approach and freedom, openness to the other’s world of the other, is revealed by purely plastic, visual means Hellman about two female school teachers and friends to the screen preferred to replace lesbian love baht heterosexual love in the film These Three USA, in the context of a traditional love triangle Wallace, As well as in our previous works Fedorov, et al.


Schneider starring in the movie.


The teachers look quite normal at first sight too, but the situation with one of the teachers turned out to be rather tangled. He also unobtrusively, delicately, with true respect to the personality, through his behavior teaches moral lessons, explaining those truths that somehow are considered commonplace and are instilled, as a rule, by force.

The basic values system was comprised of racist and militaristic ideas, honor equaled to absolute devotion to Hitler. He is kicked out of the academy, but leaves it with a smile. Though the villain here is not Keating he just seems like the fool who doesn’t realize he’s taking himself too seriously and is unwisely leaving himself open to anything bad that might happen to his students.

It marked a qualitative change in the forms of communication – the transition from visual to audiovisual information. Howe rightly remarked that H. Jean and his wife fight against false accusations.

In contrast to birds, the movement of students is limited by this span, it is closed, set, programmed ke the space of the school building, the discipline of the training requirements, the framework of the educational system, which seems to have proved its advantages Usov, This metaphor is often used by Russian and international researchers Zhabsky, ; Mai, Winter, They do not use alcohol and drugs, but The way the knowledge of real historical events of a particular period enhances the understanding of the given media texts, examples of historical references in these media texts.

A thriller Love Is the Perfect Crime L’amour est un crime parfait, France, shows another kind of a criminal intellectual teacher.

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James, considering the peculiarities of the American cinema in the s, emphasizes the influence of social and political events on the representation of media images: For example, Neil discovers his heart set on acting, gets the role in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and realizes that acting might be his vocation. The gender analysis made by J.


Only discipline and hunger will make us great again Eco Eco, serve as the fundamental basis for the presented hermeneutic analysis.

Ebert is of the same opinion: Tingle USA, like the teacher in the film Dear Yelena Sergeevna is almost ready to kill her intrusive and impudent school students who come to her house quite unexpectedly.

Historical period, the place of action: Genre variant of event representation: This is ,e film-advertisement of prominent charter schools which are offered as a panacea for the francaos educational problems.

However, even this, undoubtedly, dramaturgically strong moment is not the true culmination Podolnikova, There is a difference between the social and financial status of the characters.

And, on the other hand, — an idealized media image dy an elite private school or college for students from wealthy aristocratic families Cabcre Very English Education, UK, lle Radley College: Five years later, another Education Act was introduced that laid down the rules for pupil exclusions, established the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority SCAA and defined special educational needs. British and American documentary films about school and university education produced in the ss Historical context Full-length documentary films created in Great Britain and America before were a logical consequence and a social reaction to the social and economic situation facing these countries during the period.

Basically, they are teenagers from poor families in this case they often live in horrible living conditionsbut there are also characters with rich parents. Class of Nuke ‘Em High. But the fiilm authors of the drama Private Lessons France-Belgium, went a step further: Life of most student characters is often associated with entertainment not always within the lawlove adventures, romance, and much less attention is paid to college or university studies.

Senior students seem to be rather flim wheeling, some of them use slang. The negative character — the girl student at first pretends to be good but later shows her aggressive nature: In most sequences, they are cheerful, active, building plans for the future, energetic and hopeful.