Larry Scores Achieve a total score of on Shuffleboard 60 points Easily missable! Started the Horror dreamscape at at 2. These walkthroughs may not be published or reproduced in any format without the author’s prior written consent. Movie Mogul Complete Everything In the Game points For this you need to have completed all story missions, all romance mini-games, all races and collected all trophies. Use the disguise to get the booze. It’s random so I can’t tell you which buttons it will be.

TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. Salvaging the Situation Go and see Hugh in soundstage 3. Head to Kip’s office. Double jump again to get up. Leisure Suit Larry- wall jumping. Head to the reception building and talk to Kip in his office.

In the ,arry where you killed the stuntmen with the crossbow. Suits you Sir 50 Gymnastic Larry Perform 3 consecutive wall jumps 10 points There are plenty of places in the game to get this.

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Walkthrough for Xbox by x MJ x – GameFAQs

In order to obtain a score overyou need to get a bullseye on at least the first two pucks you get, as over the five rounds this will give you a total score of for those two pucks. On the North face of the building drop down from roof At the top there is a Larry award and the achievement will pop. Climb up on to the power substation, then return to your horse. View Image view List view. Change to cowboy costume and head to the Western backlot.

The Postman Always Rings Thrice Go to the mailroom and talk to Merv, then go back outside and get into the mail buggy. It will test your jumping skills. After the cutscene head to the Mailroom yellow dot.

Just jogging by I love a healthy girl Squat thrusts in the park I fill a good tightend I can fit you in after practice Tammy Head to the editing suite and upstairs to talk to Tammy. Every backlot has some too.


Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Trophies

When you enter the office go up the stairs and look for the elevator. On the East face of the building drop down from roof Jump on the swinging cargo to reach the upper area. Collect a total of 50 Larry Gorror. Head to the reception building leisrue talk to Kip in his office. Gunfighter Small Edition Go to the green marker to start the gun fight.

Collect a total of 10 Larry Awards. A third bullseye will get you the ‘Three bulls’ achievement and probably the ‘ Larry scores ‘ one at the end walkthrouyh the game as well, but you can get a or 50 on your third puck and still go on to get over This game again sees you control Larry Lovage, nephew of Larry Laffer.

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust – Walkthrough

If you’re stuck which you will be download it at cheathappens. There is an award located on top of this arch as well. Drag the box over to plant the firework. Gone on the Wind Head to the Street Set. Finished the first dreamscape at 1: Drive in vehicles for a total of 3 hours while playing the game. Suits you Sir Use all outfits in the same mission 10 points There is only one mission left after you obtain all the outfits. For the last girl you have to return to the fire at least twice to re-light it.

Wall jump between two of the buildings next to the saloon, then jump across to the roof of the saloon and down on to the balcony. These story missions are completed in the order outlined below.

Remember that the game has to auto-save to save progress. I’m planning a memorial Heist.


Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust – Achievement FAQ/guide

Jump back on the canoes and head right to the bridge to get to the target. Anna Head over to the reception building and talk to Anna. TrueTrophies Log in or Wslkthrough Free.

This is a story mission in the Cowboy dreamscape. Run along the train and beat up the bad guys. Best Actor Underneath scaffolding on roof. Here there is a brown girder to the right you can hang from and double jump up and hang from consecutive ledges to reach the top.

Find Hugh in Soundstage ubst. Walk along the rope in the direction of the main deck, then jump a couple of times and climb up on to oeisure higher rope.

The trainer allows you to extend the time among other helpful tricks. Complete the Army of the Dead mission. There are 2 easily missable achievements relating to the Shuffleboard game in the Bytanic Dreamscape. Between the building and the SE wall of main lot. Now walk through the corridors to the locked door. Talk to Walkthroug, then go back outside and drive to the theatre.

On the roof there.

On scaffolding on the west dreamscale. Since the mouse controls in this game is horrible you might have to use the trainer here once again. Go up ladder on North side onto roof, drop down onto other roof on the east of building 2. Grab a car with no-one in and head to the parking lot of the western backlot.