She then receives another command. The armored men dressed in white clothes are actually from an organization, which has to revive the so-called kingdom from King Caesar. To avoid being killed by the Undead Soldier, everyone gathers to set a trap. An art appraiser gets attacked by someone within a heavily secured estate after receiving a warning notice about an art theft. Thus the killers are often portrayed as sympathetic figures, as opposed to cold, calculating killers in some other mystery series. As a compensation, Shin takes the trio to a clothes shop for a new dress. Hajime goes camping with his classmates.

Kindaichi, Miyuki and Kenmochi arrive at the condemned opera house in the pouring rain and are met with a ominous announcement from its phantom. The latest victim left behind a will that confesses to her committing the crimes. Makabe tells everybody his speculation about the trick and gives sarcasm to Kindaichi, yet another student manages to break out the code left by Ruiko as a dying message. Devil’s Killing Navigation” in Japanese. He must rely on a message written in blood to piece the clues together. He even pointed out that Kenneth was the murderer and the latter was arrested.


The dead is identified as a female inspector from the Police Department. Everybody found that Makoto Tojo was killed, but they weren’t sure how epissode killer murdered him, since sharp objects were not allowed to bring into the fencing club.

Cormorant Village Murder Case” Transcription: Kindaichi considers that they are killed by the armored men. Sega Saturn Hudson Soft. Hajime and Miyuki are invited by an ocean development corporation, and the founder’s daughter, welcomes them to their resort in Konpeki Island in Okinawa, which is also known as Deep Blue Island.


So he was stuck into a case he solved many years ago. Akechi has planned a detective game for Kindaichi.

Hajime finds a student dead in a room through the keyhole, but when everybody unlocks the door, eepisode are surprised to find that the corpse has disappeared. Fashion model Masumi Takamori invites Hajime to a fashion show, but Masumi has a secret. A student was found dead in the library and it was said he was killed after everybody left the school.

The dw holder says that there will be some interesting games that are waited to be played. Kindaichi finally puts the evidence altogether, and he tells everybody who the killer is. However, Kindaichi thinks that this is an exchange murder, and there is another accomplice behind. Later, Tachibana is found dead with Hajime at his side holding a blood stained weapon.

Rampo and Watson are suspected to have the motion dee kill him. Hajime and Saki go for help but also see a girl that has the likelihood of Miyuki, named Yang Ran, in the Kowloon Park.

They and Aoyama, the owner of the cottage, find three members kindaichk the Kyogoku Family. The hotel owner reveals the story behind the guest who lived in the red room. Retrieved from ” https: Kindaichi returns to the school in attempt to solve the mystery, therefore calling everybody inside to gather.

One of the oni masks starts to bleed. Hell Park Murder Case” in Japanese. Koutarou is found dead, which surprises everybody. Close Trick The Movie: The truth takes center stage as Hajime reveals that the culprit did something during the play that proves they committed the crimes.


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Everyone escapes and is taken to the next stage, where they are told only one will survive. Hajime solves the final riddle Watanabe left behind and kndaichi who is truly responsible for the murders.

Retrieved from ” https: Hajime tries to escort Yang Kindiachi out because of the police’s actions. Ukaimura Satsujin Jiken ” Japanese: The high school student Hajime Kindaichi is invited by the Mystery Research Team leader, Ruiko Sakuragi to help her have the seventh riddle solved.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo – Episode 31 –

A computer teacher named Nanako Segawa is found dead in a park. Anime and Manga portal. The art club student who went missing is discovered dead, but everyone who went exploring with him has a perfect alibi.

Hajime gathers everybody inside the mansion and he reveals the identity of the murderer by the calendar. However, Miyuki is involved in a car accident soon.