I hope he does more! I love episode 5’s reaction video the best! Mikasa might be obsessive about Eren, but she has good reasons for it and she in fact has good reasons for caring for him as he’s pretty much her only family left, plus it isn’t positive either. He gets killed off to destroy Ku and save Boruto and the others, and only 3 Rock shinobi mourn over this. I had a comment battle with the guy and he claims to have read the manga, but gets many things wrong that happen, not sure what to think? Oh, and I like this version of Broly. So genuine and entertaining! I knew i was one of them.

So that Boruto can have a summoning animal? I have 2 fan comments videos done. Originally Posted by sealtiel: Eren was not conscious when he first transformed. Plus, I recently found out the my Shu’s death video got blocked worldwide because of the use of Roundabout it was the anime version. Imagine his reaction to like episode 5, 7, 8 and 21 would be priceless. A lot of the stuff they complain about is also adressed in the manga, so gonna ignore that.

As for Golden Wind, I uh I found these articles talking about lunarspirql1127. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

Reaction Videos

But one of the guys in my OP does have a new ep up where he does his stupid-funi ‘I’m Asian so I’ll try to sound Japanese’ thing at oh start: And that’s pretty much my response to Scython: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: I already expected 19 and 20 for the next two eps, lunarspiral11127 18’s already been adapted in its entirety unless they plan to return to Jean’s thoughts, which should be before the Levi’s team’s intro arc. So, the reviews on Twitter for Captain Marvel came out, and there all praises for the movie.


And sometimes he’d skip some pretty good parts of the ep that I really wanted to see him react too.

So, for the fan comments video on the final episode of Stardust Crusaders season 1, the newer fans would be watching the ending for the last time. You may have to register before you can post: I’m not sure attwck it’s Warner Bros. She essentially put her entire sqaud in danger because of her selfishness.

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I could restore the audio, but according to the rules, it’s only and I quote “if you have permission from the copyright owner, or if you created everything in the video yourself”. Back to Shingeki – I’m really looking forward to the trial in the anime.

Once I’m done, I’ll send the links to the videos to you guys so that hopefully you can watch them. Way better than the one we got from the DBZ movies.

Oh, and I like this version of Broly. Mobile Style by Dartho Default Style.

Hope you guys enjoy, and again I’m really sorry for the long delay. Preview Manga Manga Store. Fortunately, I was able to upload them on my Google Drive, so if anyone wants to watch it, And secondly, I sometimes like to look up a certain scene on Youtube to see how other people think about it in the comments.


I don’t watch reactions for acting–that defeats the point. It’s interesting to see how many people have different perspective in regard to the story.

He obviously doesn’t care about the series to remember what happens properly or view anything at other than “this sucks” angle, yet he makes a minute video about it. Also in the bonus video was that one teen referencing Free at 1: I really like gigguk’s reaction videos, they’re hilarious http: I got the videos on my Google Drive, and got this up on Youtube to let everyone know where to watch the comments video.

Here’s his latest review: It’s just simple, clear things they ignore just to bash something. Episode 24 and 25 of Stardust Crusaders.

Attack on Titan

And most people only really watch reactions for the reactions, not for insight lol I hope he does more! They still escape themselves thanks to Armin’s plan and he has to divise another one to get rid some of the titans in the building.

Just finished watching the new Broly movie today. Actually, I’m pretty irritated by the recent increase of popularity for these things. Now all she has to do is lose an arm like Eren did, and she can open the gate of epixode mean become a titan.