As Vichitravirya, a drunkard is physically and mentally unable to go fetch a wife for himself in the swayamvaras, Bhisma takes it upon himself to bring a wife for him. Retrieved from ” https: Pandu 94 episodes, Duryodhan, the mortal enemy of the Pandavs was the only person who supported Karna, even when the Pandav brothers insulted him for being a skilled archer while belonging to a lower caste. Yashoda 94 episodes, Rasik Dave He was last seen in a TV show called Adaalat Jayadratha 94 episodes, Ashok Sharma Episode 26 – Krishna gets Sudarshan chakra from Parshuram, defeats Jarasandh and orders building Dwarika.

Uttar episodes, Vaishnavi Dhanraj Its premiere had a viewership of approximately 8. He was Dronacharya in the series. The principal character of the novel is the third Pandav brother, Bheem, which will be played by south superstar Mohanlal. Young Duryodhan 17 episodes, Shalv Kumar 94 episodes, Karunakar Pathak Sanjay 94 episodes, Razak Khan It is the most successful Mahabharata series ever produced in the television.

Virat cst, Ajay Mishra Satyavati 94 episodes, Rishabh Shukla The title song was followed by a narration by Indian voice artist Harish Bhimani of a personification of Time, detailing the current circumstances and highlighting the spiritual significance of the content of the episode. Yudhishtira 94 episodes, Satyavati episodes, Sameer Dharmadhikari Young Dushala 8 episodes, Audible Download Audio Books.


Krishna decides to marry Rukmini

Adirath, a charioteer and his wife Radha found Karna on the banks of river Ganga and raised him as their own. Drupad 94 episodes, Aloka Mukerjee Krishna episodes, Shaheer Sheikh Image R posted on Facebook by Raj Babbar.

Sanjay episodes, Mansi Sharma Retrieved 26 September Rukmini episodes, Nazea Sayed Team ‘Mahabharat’ works hard in Jakarta and parties harder in Bali! The first episode points out that when Shantanu was sitting on a boat and Satyavati was rowing, a golden fish an implication for power and wealth came to the view.

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Young Bhishma 93 episodes, Bheeshma 94 episodes, Ashwatthama 94 episodes, Amba out of fury enters the Palace hall of Rhkmini and demands justice. Pal, too, has been seen on screen many a time.

Ghatotkacha 96 episodes, Draupadi 94 episodes, Pankaj Dheer Mahabharat; a story of love, hatred, philosophies, dread, regret, anger, justice, injustice, power, insecurities, support, betrayal. This page was last edited on 18 Februaryat Each episode ran for approximately 45 minutes and began with a title song that consisted of lyrical content and two verses from the Bhagavad Gita. Pandu 94 episodes, Kiran Juneja Episode 80 – Day 11, Drona tries to capture Yudhishthir but is unsuccessful, Shantanu comes to Bhishma.


Young Arjun 15 episodes, As she caught the fish, her hands bled, signifying how her thirst for power will bleed her.

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Pandu 94 episodes, mahabharzt The battle saw the deaths of BhishmaKarna among many. Young Bhim 15 episodes, Rohit Shetty Krishna 94 episodes, Arjun TV Series worth watching.

Dhrishtadyumna 94 episodes, Sanjay episodes, Uttar episodes, Vichitravirya 94 episodes, Jahnavi Duryodhana 94 episodes, Rupa Ganguly Samay casf episodes, As an enraged Bhisma enters the swayamvara, no one dares to fight against him and hence, he wins over the three princesses and proceeds to take them to Hastinapur to get them married.

Retrieved 10 April He played Bheem in the series. Young Ashwathama 3 episodes,