The businessman was so much overwhelmed with joy and he too decided to marry off his daughter to Vikramaditya. During fasting on saturday try to help poor and elder people. At the mid-night of honeymoon King Vikramaditya had a small nap. All this happened with you this is effect of my sight. On the next day in the court, The King Vikramaditya said to his courtiers to make a proclamation by the beat of drum that God Shani is also powerful like other God and so, they should keep fast on Saturday as a mark of honor of God Shani dev. It is best medium to hone your acting skill”, Namrata Thapa says.

He took him to his house and arranged food for him. Yes, kindly tell us how can common people like us keep the Saturday fast in a correct way Shani Shingnapur village is famous in all over India due to Shani Dev. All the stories starting from King Vikramaditya, birth of Shani till the miracles of Shingnapur were brilliantly shown. But when they knew about the reality of handicapped person that he is King Vikramaditya, king princess father was overwhelmed with joy and praised his stars. Mahima Shani Dev Ki — 7. His voice was breaking the silence of the night. There is King Vikramaditya.

Actresses are used as show pieces… they are not given chance to show their talent. Her Dull film I love you was a smash hit, which made her the most popular actress of that part of the world and her recently released Bengali films Golmal and Ghar Jamai are running house full all over Bengal.


The voice was sweet. But he was dutiful king so, he accepted this challenge gracefully.

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mahia Rani Madalekha stands by the king in hours of ups and downs which makes the Namrata’s role interspersed with different shades, ranging from a pauper to the queen.

Real-time popularity on IMDb. Yes, of course, if role is good, I would do it happily, otherwise, I am better off with serials where I am being offered lead role. Four Legends of Shani Shingnapur.

Mahima Shani Dev Ki — Namrata’s success in Oriya and Bengali films make us vikrajaditya and watch her progression in Hindi Entertainment Industry. In comparison to films it offers you more roles and you are more free to experiment with them.

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During fasting on saturday try to help poor and elder people. Thinking this he kept him to his house for work. Listening to this thing, Princess decided that she would marry with that singer otherwise she would remain unmarried throughout her life.

Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below. All the cast of various episodes did a fabulous job. After a few second king was in deep and thick forest. Queen Madenlekha was the devotee of Shani Dev. The music by Surya Raj Kamal was melodious. Due to this sade saathi period powerful god also trembled. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. At last Vikramaditya reached a nearby city and in the city he met a respectable businessman.


The computer graphics and animation were great. Madenlekha Queen of Ujjaini was the wife of Vikramaditya. History of Idol in Shingnapur. Vikramaditya was the king of Ujjaini.

It was very difficult task for Vikramaditya. When I was angry on Rama then he got banishment instead of throne. Shani rewards you for your good deeds and punishes you for bad deeds.

But, ultimately they were ready for that decision. Marriage of Princess and handicapped Vikramaditya was over.

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King was looking like a beggar. At the mid-night of honeymoon King Vikramaditya had a small nap.

Now, The King was without hand and feet.