Shaorin of Miyauchi Shrine Part 1. She is a Shugogetten, a guardian spirit, and her main goal is to protect Tasuke at all costs, starting with securing his apartment. Farewell, Shugogetten Part Three. The gift is a ring, the shitenrin, and those pure of heart may gaze into it and receive a moon goddess named Shaolin. Her name is Ruuan and her goal is to make her master happy, starting with working on his health. He has a crush on Shaorin just after he first meets her and his feelings for her develop even more throughout the series.

The Great Search of Love Episode Retrieved on June 16, Vol 5 of the manga shows that people casually familiar with her think that she’s an ordinary person and her family name last name is “Shugogetten”. Can Tasuke survive his first days with these two girls? Legend has it that if someone of pure heart should peer into the ring then a guardian from heaven would appear to protect him or her. Anime and manga portal. Views Read Edit View history.

He is decisive and intelligent, but nonetheless beleaguered and is a similar character to Keiichi Morisato in both personality and situation.

She initially causes trouble for Tasuke by destroying harmless household objects in her efforts to protect him. Tasuke tells them not to interfere but they start wanting to advertise for Tasuke, but his friends starting getting into a conflict over the gals. Shugoetten of Miyauchi Shrine Part 1. Ruuan and Shao are sworn rivals and conflict often zhugogetten as their roles of keeping Tasuke “safe” or “happy” aren’t always equivalent.


Ruuan has an idea that might work though, and she calls out with all her power to summon master Jusei. Izumo and Ruuan Team Up! She nearly trips and the older guy who helps her out turns out to be Tasuke!

Vol 5 of the manga shows that people casually familiar with her think that she’s an ordinary person and her family name last name is “Shugogetten”. The story is about a boy named, Shichiri Tasuke, a junior high school student who lives alone. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

Mamotte Shugogetten!

Please Feel Better, Lady Shao. The story involves Tasuke Shichiri, a year-old boy that receives a gift from his father, Tarousuke, who is traveling in China. But Tasuke has never played the game before. The Burning Spirit of Takoyaki Episode 3.

One Million Yen is Mine! The Valentine’s Day Battle Episode A Dangerous Trip to the Hot Springs! Mamotte Shugogetten Volume 1: One day he receives a package from his father that contains an octagonal ring.

Tasuke wishes to save Shao, though he is very uncertain how to save her or from what to save her. With that chance, he may be able to change destiny after all and bring Shaorin back. This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat Anime and manga portal. Nana thinks, correctly, that Sayuri is their mother. A Present from Shao Part One.

Mamotte Shugogetten!

The School is a Trap Episode 6. A Night at the Festival.


He is aware of Shaorin’s nature. But what will happen when Tasuke acts out those suggestions? She is an earth spirit and her role is to put her master through trials by making things grow to several times their normal size. A student at Tasuke’s school. Tasuke has to figure out his feelings and Shaorin her destiny as they spend one last day together. She too fall in loves with Tasuke, however she takes a stronger approach, often trying to have sex with him.

She is banned from going to the school after destroying some of it.

A model attribution edit summary using German: Summer in the Shugogrtten After Izumo pulls Shaorin away, Ruuan tries to have some alone time with Tasuke as she transforms the entire school and its classrooms around. One day his father, Tarousuke, sends Tasuke a strange ring he found in China.

Farewell, Shugogetten Part Three. After they try to rescue Tasuke, the two spirits have a duel. Full Course Of Happiness Episode 2.

Melancholy of the Bannan Chiten Part 2. Retrieved from ” https: The Legend of The Treasure! The Girl is a Knockout Episode 1.