Heavy in gambling-debt, Mikaeel is confronted by his friend who reminds of him his deadline. Later, Cookie confronts Salahuddin for telling Ifti about his father being treated poorly and accuses him of creating misunderstandings among them. Later, Rehman apologises for Cookie’s behaviour and asks him to leave the house for better. Salahuddin’s family arrive there. The ending is so heart breaking and depressing makes you cry if you ever involve your whole self into this drama. Later, when Manahil awakes, Mikaeel yells at her for telling his parents about selling the jewellery. Salahuddin and Manahil keep looking at each other, even though they were sitting in separate rooms. Retrieved 5 April

She later calls Salahuddin as she recalls the time when Salahuddin said to her that she can remember him anytime she wants. After Salahuddin confirms Mikaeel’s approval for marriage, he lets Manahil’s father know and the preparations for the marriage begins. Retrieved 3 February He scolds her for being a typical wife and tells his parents that he cannot live with her. Retrieved 6 January Manahil gets excited and asks her to call her if something happens. She complains how he ruins their life, he apologizes to Manahil for not making a right decisions and both reconcile proclaiming their love.

Kanza Riaz of The Express Trubune wrote for her February blog stating that Mann Mayal is teaching our society some horrendously wrong things! Retrieved 9 February Mikaeel calls Manahil and ask her that he wants to meet children.

Meanwhile, unknown to Salahuddin that Manahil is staying in his home, she overhears Salahuddin’s and Jeena’s conversation about getting married, and suddenly recalls their past. Manahil’s mother told her that it will take one more month for her father’s recovery and she has to stay in Karachi for a while.

He confronts Jeena for lying patt Manahil’s father about her then status with to him, to which she cries in front Jameel trying to gain sympathy. Story starts showing Yousaf in a railway station who, quickly jumps into the train, he manahiil Zulekha in a train for the very first time and is unable to get her out of his mind.


People may call me insane but I don’t give a damn to it Manahil gets angry when she comes to know that the proposal came for her and gets mad at Salahuddin for not telling her.

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Jeena consistently tries to impress Salahuddin. The taboo over a woman proposing to a man should be revisited.

She also tells her that Salahuddin really likes her. Salahuddin becomes a successful businessman and still deeply in love with Manahil. Retrieved 4 April Manahil accuses Salahuddin for giving money to Mikaeel in exchange of her children, unable to make her understand, he deliberately accepts her allegations.

Salahuddin tries to make Episodr understand that due to their social difference, he cannot marry her and her parents will not accept their relation. Archived from the original on 7 October Retrieved 10 August Salahuddin and Rehman grow closer to each other which upsets Cookie. Mikaeel’s friend, Bari, informs his father about his debt and is confronted by his mother, which led to a fight between him and Bari.

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Later, Manahil’s father and her uncle reluctantly agree despite their reservations about Salahuddin. She then calls Salahuddin for help. Diyar-e-Dil was the last family drama on air so it is grateful for Mann Mayal and how it was presented! Edit Cast Series cast summary: Salahuddin starts to take care of Rehman while Manahil marries Mikaeel who proves to be an abusive husband and also who has a gambling problem.

He sees Manahil doing chores and confront his mother and tells Jeena that he is going to marry Manahil and calls off his engagement with her. So she asks her parents to leave, which they do. There, Manahil asks Salahuddin if he thinks she should manauil Mikaeel, and he says yes and asks Mikaeel to take care of her. Manahil asks Jameel for help and takes shelter in Salahuddin’s home.


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Salahuddin leaves for Karachi too, and when he reaches Karachi, he finds out about Rehman’s death. Archived from the original on 6 April It achieved the record breaking 9. Use the HTML below. Salahuddin parents tells him that they are going back to Hyderabad and he needs to solve his matters before its too late.

Salahuddin’s parents return without saying anything as his father understands that Manahil’s father wants to reject the proposal but couldn’t due to their friendship. Later, Salahuddin tells his mother about Aurr and him, and asks her for their proposal, stunned to this confession she reluctantly agrees. Mikaeel tells Manahil that he has no intentions of reuniting with his family or her. Manahil’s eipsode gets worse and she takes help from her children, leading them to fall for each other once again.

Unknown to aprt Jeena overhears them and ask Manahil to leave.

So Jameel becomes a temporary servant at Mikaeel’s home. Pzrt Plus performs strongly on Monday in UK”. Manahil’s mother call Salahuddin and informs about her that she left him because she doesn’t want to hurt him. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Whole night I cried like hell for Shano. Mikaeel confronts Manahil for telling his parents about his gambling, to which she denies.