The book Mary always felt like a girl who wasn’t good-looking, wasn’t very intelligent, but desperately wanted her family’s approval and affection. Go see the DVD, and my thanks to the moderator for allowing me to veer off topic. She was almost homely looking, not the beauty in the other versions and the book. I was comparing all the characters to the version. Thankfully all of these estates are now accessible to we plebeian sorts. As every other Austen lover seems to have joined in this discussion, who am I to stay out of it? But unlike Darcy, he is an self-educated, rough hewn factory manager in a gritty factory town in the industrial North, who had to scrap for everything he has.

And I can say that other generations can appreciate it without a new version although I know there will be more to come. The Collins was properly obseqious and creepy. As every other Austen lover seems to have joined in this discussion, who am I to stay out of it? Since such details bug me enough, I won’t subject myself to the torture it surely would be to watch the much more unfaithful adaption from I watched it three times in the first two weeks that I owned it. Compare the first disastrous proposal scene.

The wardrobes match the illustrations by the Brocks. Glad you stopped by the blog to share.

You could argue that the novel centers on the question of what is and what is not truly genteel behavior — and what are the perils of disregarding it? This romantic drama focuses on Sally and Carl, two morning commuters who develop a friendship after fighting for a seat.

I think they each have their strengths and weaknesses. I believe your theory of the first version you see being a favorite may be correct for most but in my case always the odd one I will have to disagree. So for me, the version is rather special.


Lighting takes a lot of time to do well, and is therefore potentially very expensive. Then I watched Bridget Jones and I finally got it years after it had been released in the theater.

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Silk – Trailer shit flicks 2 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, Firth is just fine.

prekudecata Darcy, and particularly would post photos of the swimming scene. We do love our Jane Austen adaptations, don’t we? Mr Bennet looked like the character from independence day data while Mrs Bennet was in her cups. That tape got me through two pregnancies and 11 weeks of bedrest on the second.

Pride and Prejudice

Darcy of sounded more like a lawyer reciting his closing statements to the Court. The only thing I want to add is how the viewer is thought to be some what stupid in the version in regards to the explicit emotions and dialogues e.

I sooo love Darcy and prejuddcata Teletubby! In contrast, Jennifer Ehle was playful and humorous, and still managed to convey Lizzie’s intelligent, sensible side.

I’m ashamed to admit that I resisted the version because so much of what people seemed to like was the actor, Colin Firth. Bingley’s eye, middle child Mary has her nose stuck in a book, and perjudecata girls, Kitty and Lydia, chase after officers in uniform; Elizabeth, the willful, intelligent, and opinionated second daughter, is snubbed by haughty gentleman Mr. Deborah Moggach, the screenwriter of dilm version, did a very good job, IMO, of condensing the story into a necessarily restrictive 2 hour format.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the conversation. And who could not fall in love with Garvey’s portrayal of Elizabeth. Persuasion beegeefan4ever 8 years ago.

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How many times have we all had to eat humble pie because we knew we were wrong? But on with it. I feel vindicated in placing it first in my heart. Lady Catherine de Bourgh 2 episodes, Malcolm Rennie As much as I love Jennifer Ehle’s Lizzie, she seems a little too foward for someone so young.


It was apparent in every succeeding scene, that love between them is slowly increasing. Keira Knightley – Coming Home keiraweb2 8 years ago. It is one of my husband’s faves.

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You might also like the Andrew Davies version of Northanger Abbey from I liked the version slightly better. Gardiner 2 episodes, The version I can understand why it’s not as loved here.

Bennet 5 episodes, Sabina Franklyn More importantly, I was able to see the shortcomings of the versions without my previous bias towards it. This time I wanted to find out all there was to find out about this year old author who onoine so captivated my imagination.

For me, the version strayed to far from the original storyline and the characters were not portrayed as they are in the book. I have read all of Austens books a few times, and will read them again. I half expected my screen to burst in flames with all the sparks. The Bennet sisters are all played by actresses of the right age in the version. I visited the actual Chatsworth mansion in Derbyshire a few years back Pemberly House in the moviewhere Darcy was raised.