She calls him at night and asks if she can come over for some office work. Mikaeel also accuse Manahil that after marrying Salahuddin, their children would become a second priority to which she tells him that she is not marrying Salahuddin, leaving him heartbroken. Despite Salahuddin’s rejection, Jeena consistently intervene his life by pretending through office work. It is directed by Amin Iqbal and written by Shehla Shakoor. Se then lure Jameel into her love saying that if he helps her taking revenge from Salahuddin, she will marry him. When the British arrived in the 17th century in India, then ruled by the Maratha Empire, they applied the Greek version of the name Sindh to all of South Asia, calling it India. A conflict that later on is transferred to their children, forcing an already troubled family into further despair, zakia lives with her three daughters and husband.

Her mother asks him not to tell Manahil about this and to keep her with him for a few more days. Raj Baddhan 7 March Jeena overhears about this news and tries to get the job and asks Jameel if she can handle all office works. Raj Baddhan 22 August Manahil’s mother told her that it will take one more month for her father’s recovery and she has to stay in Karachi for a while. Sensing that Aunn is angry at this, Zara allows Aunn to drive the car, however, they get into an accident where Zara is hurt. The remainder of Sindh has an agriculture based economy, and produces fruit, food consumer items, Sindh is also the centre of Pakistans pharmaceutical industry.

Kanza Riaz of The Express Trubune wrote for her February blog stating that Mann Mayal is teaching our society some horrendously wrong things! Ruhi drama propels ‘YHM’ on Monday”. Things turn complicated for Manahil when Mikael decides to turn his house into a casino and throws her and children out. Farhan began his career in as a model and later started acting in television serials.

Member feedback about Aarti Mann: This test can be used to determine mabnchalay two independent samples were selected from populations having the same distribution; a similar nonparametric test used on dependent samples is the Wilcoxon signed-rank test.

Member feedback about Vasay Chaudhry: Member feedback about Pakistani dramas: Manahil panics when she couldn’t find the children and calls Salahuddin.

His mother shares her thoughts with Manahil for Salah-ul-Din marriage and show her some proposals. Jeena was working late in Salahuddin’s office, and his mother calls.

When Rehman gets to know about Salahuddin and Mannu, he tries episodw make Salahuddin understand about his love for Manahil, and asks him to go to her and try again, and if she rejects him, he wouldn’t feel guilty later that he didn’t even try.


Pakistan’s face’s of action actors. For his work, he has received nominations from international organizations and juries, including those at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Cannes and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Retrieved 8 March She confronts Salahuddin and warns him not to intervene her life and warns, if he continues, she will commit suicide.

Mannchalay Hum Tv Drama , Cast, Timings, And Schedule

Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and a epksode historian[2] whose research focuses on the relationship among legal, social, and economic change in early America. Rabiya and her mother go to see Manahil to congratulate her on becoming a mother, but Manahil says she will give away all the gifts Rabiya gave her and also the gold chain, that Salahuddin sent, saying that she doesn’t want anything from her brother, as she says it’s all black-money and he is dead to her.

It is not a law mannchwlay be proved by exceptions, for it knows no exception. The story of the series focuses on the social and economic marginalization of citizens in Pakistani society alongside highlighting deeply e;isode problems in Pakistan such as child sexual abuse, the uptake of music as a career, false police involvements and negative political supports, in order mannchalsy break the myths and taboos which surround these issues by providing real solutions to serious problems.

Salahuddin and Manahil keep looking at each other, even though they were sitting in separate rooms.

Manahil’s parents also arrive on their death. Jeena add poison in drinks that she plans to give Manahil and children but is interrupted by Salahuddin who convinced them to go out for dinner and instead drinks the juice despite knowing that Manncyalay has poisoned it. Jeena overhears about this news and tries to get the job and asks Jameel if she can handle all office works.

Manahil would ask a question and then Salahuddin would answer her back through Jameel. Her mother asks him not to tell Manahil about this and to keep her with him for a few more days.

The show is written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin. She then calls Salahuddin for help.

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Later, Manahil reveals to Mikaeel that Salahuddin paid her hospital dues. Sindh is bordered by Balochistan province to the west, and Punjab province to the north, Sindh also borders the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan to the east, and Epksode Sea to the south.

Manahil’s parents find out about them and whole family dispute over whether Salahuddin is worthy of Manahil or not.

Jeena apologises and Manahil walks away. Mikaeel calls Manahil and through Tipu he asked her to come back but she refuses. Kashif is originally the funny man responsible for providing most of the relief through his antics, pranks.


Despite Salahuddin’s rejection, Jeena consistently intervene his life by pretending through office work. Archived from the original on 6 April In the future Zakias daughters have grown up and Zohra alliance has been fixed with her step-tayas son, then Shahbano re-enters their lives and is now an even richer affluent woman and asks for Zohras hand for her son Shah-Nawaz. Meanwhile, unknown to Salahuddin that Manahil is staying in his home, she overhears Salahuddin’s and Jeena’s conversation about getting married, and suddenly recalls their past.

Drama Serial Mannchalay on Hum Tv – Episode 71

Retrieved 15 February Jameel confess her love to Jeena when she threatens to leave, he ask her to stay for him. So Manahil’s father decides to episdoe Salahuddin and his family before they shift to Karachi. Haider, Sadaf 6 September Later, Salahuddin tells his mother about Manahil and him, and asks her for their proposal, stunned to epieode confession she reluctantly agrees.

Mikaeel misbehaves with his parents and orders the guards to throw them out. Jameel issues an advertisement for secretary on the request of Salahuddin’s mother to lure him in a marriage but he strictly refuses.

Raj Baddhan 23 May Later, Salahuddin convince her parents about his Manahil marriage. Rabiya advises Salahuddin to ask their parents for this proposal before anyone else gets to know about them.

But in the village Akbar does not agree to marry Akbari as he wants a religious wife, Hatim and Kalsoom bring Akbari to Pakistan. To fly was a Pakistani television series that aired on Hum TV.

Zara lies to her father that she loves Aunn, even though she does not even know him, Jamshed decides to accepts Aunn to be his son-in-law, and Aunn and Zara get married.

Raj Baddhan 16 February Dadi and Nighat oppose this, but Husna convinces them to let Aunn go, Zaras father takes mannchalxy to his home, and it is decided that they would return after their walima. Akbar goes there and it is revealed to him that the family is manhchalay, in America, Akbar also slowly befriends Asghari but is mannchalqy when he sees her with her friend Raj, a Hindu Indian whom he mistakes to eposode her boyfriend.