Every villain in the movie was really cool. It will be aired this summer. The Boobie Kid is later revealed to be Momoha, the masseus, and that she is a member of the Munamori family and that she knows a technique similar to the Breast Flow technique that Chifusa cannot use. It turns out that Chifusa had accidentally used the Breast Flow technique before during a duel she had with Ouka eight years prior and had accidentally stolen her breasts. Jubei has this new power where all he has to do is draw his sword and people are sliced in half. As Chifusa is about to leave, she is confronted by Kagefusa, who had also captured Chifusa’s comrade, Kaede, and severed her breasts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jubei has this new power where all he has to do is draw his sword and people are sliced in half. Kimura, Hiroshi Episode Director. As the octopus attacks Chifusa before she can come up for air, Oiso uses her newfound freedom to kill the octopus, giving Chifusa the credit as thanks. Start your free trial. Running low on money, Chifusa and Kaede earn some money by utilising Chifusa’s assets. With the octopus using Oiso as a shield, Chifusa uses the Breast Flow technique to attack the octopus without hurting Oiso, absorbing her breasts in the process. Glorious Oppai Moments Boobs are awesome. Ouka initially has the upper hand in the fight, but halfway through it, Chifusa manages to unlock the Breast Flow by remembering how she had earlier attained a mother’s heart

Chifusa uses the Breast Flow technique against Ouka and manages to make her breasts grow, which weakens her long enough for her and Kaede to flee with Hazuki. On Disc at Amazon.

Kaede performs the Epixodes Breast Polishing cleansing on Chifusa’s breasts to keep them from sagging after they become increasingly large due to her defeating Manyuu Assassins.

Having not eaten for days, Chifusa and Kaede get a job at a maid bar, but soon get fired due to Chifusa’s short temper around the rowdy customers.

Manyuu Hikenchou

After the fountain is completed, Kagefusa returns the scroll and bids farewell after making Chifusa promise to return her breasts to her after she masters the Breast Flow technique. The woman becomes jealous of Chifusa and attempts to sever her breasts in a fit of rage, but Chifusa manages to calm her down. However, they are cornered by Ouka, who wishes to settle her old score with Chifusa as well as defeat her to gain status among the Manyu. The more favorably endowed tend to live the life of aristocracy and wealth.


Momoiro Paradox 1 User Grenadier: Suspecting that this Boobie Kid might be a Manyu who knows how to master the Breast Flow technique, Chifusa takes a job as a bodyguard for a local big-breasted woman who will likely be the next target in order to catch the Boobie Kid.

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Audible Download Audio Books. With Chifusa and Kaede coming up short on a food bill, they are forced to become divers by the restaurant’s owner, Oiso.

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Retrieved January 16, The woman becomes jealous of Chifusa wcroll attempts to sever her breasts in a fit of rage, but Chifusa manages to calm her down. In a world in which having large breasts means everything, the succesor of the powerful Manyu family, Chifusa Manyu, defects and steals the Manyu Scroll of Secrets which contains all the Manyu secret techniques for breast enlargementbut is wounded during her escape.

Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. Seikon no Qwaser 4 Users Hyakka Ryouran: When a girl is abducted by a vampire, a legendary bounty hunter is hired to bring her back.

Thinking that Kaede is out shopping at the market, Chifusa takes a bath in a steam room and performs a Chichi-togi on herself. When Chifusa awakens, she finds herself trapped at her breast-crazed friend’s mercy, who begins to play wildly with her boobs. A young girl requests the help of a vampire hunter to kill the vampire who has bitten her, and thus prevent her from becoming a vampire herself.

Edit Details Official Sites: And theres all these pointless duels by epidodes who have lame powers tree girl, girl with long hair that can control her hair, translucent glowing guy who controls moths, cat girl etc.


Chifusa is to be successor of the clan. Anden Yamidoro 8 episodes, Yes No Report this. Kagefusa forces Ouka to perform the Chichi-togi on her breasts and recurringly teases her with her bosom.

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The two, along with Tsuhuya Munemori, face off against the assassins, defeating one of them before being outmatched. Chifusa is to be the successor of the clan. Anime knows this a little too well.

Chifusa begins to recall what happened what day while at the same time, in Muneyuki’s house, Ouka does the same. I mean, there are enough beach episodes out there to fill a whole beach!

Ninja Scroll: The Series

Here are some of the most “impressive” examples of Japanese characters doing their best to speak English in anime. She is found by a woman who was recently attacked by Kagefusa, a Manyu assassin and Chifusa’s sister, resulting in her breasts becoming small and effectively making her poor.

Of course, a system such as this would lead to a very erratic society, with wealth shifting hands haphazardly every generation. At that point, Ouka arrives and reveals herself to be a Manyu assassin; she proceeds to attack Chifusa and nearly kills her but fails due to Momoha’s interruption.

Written on a secret scroll possessed by the clan, there are said to be various techniques on how to grow big and beautiful breasts. In a reign ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate, breasts mean everything. They even have robots and all this other crap that shouldn’t be in Ninja Scroll.

Chifusa attempts to protect her chest, but eventually gets pinned down by Kaede, who begins to suckle greedily on her chest for the whole afternoon.