Weight loss is just as much diet as it is exercise. I opened my favorite music app to get pumped up while I tied my shoes, and my phone asked me if I wanted to install the Pebble plug-in for it. Which Garmin is right for you? I’m pretty certain it couldn’t be any simpler. MapMyRun is free on the App Store. It starts by asking about your motivation and goals.

RunKeeper has been around for a long time. Almost everyone carries a smartphone on rides and runs as a music player and for safety. Tools and Toys has a more detailed review that I recommend checking out. The Pebble doesn’t have any built in GPS, and all the work is done by the phone. I don’t see how a running app on your phone would trigger notifications on your Pebble either, if you were following an intervals session. They also have a close relationship with Apple as there is even a Nike branded Apple Watch. The one key to remember about Health. I wondered if I had to go through some kitschy Pebble-exclusive app if I wanted run tracking on the watch.

The best apps for Pebble smartwatches (that still work)

There’s no direct control or a live feed yet but it offers you what you most want on your wrist when things get gnarly. Oebble side bar contains way too many items. And then you run. They have multiple mission types: They want to provide enough value to sell Elite memberships. When starting a new running program, gear can help you get started on the right foot.

RunKeeper RunKeeper has been around for a long time. This allows apps like MyFitnessPal to pull in your runs when counting up your calories. That said, awtch our pick of Pebble apps that still work for us on a Pebble Time watch – you might see the greyed out thumbnail, just ignore that. And as they crack down on handheld use while driving and cycling in Austin, being able to check my mileage, see phone notifications and monitor the time on my wrist proved shockingly handy.


Halfway through my run, it all started to make sense. My main issue with Strava is with the confusing privacy settings. RunKeeper has drastically simpler settings you pick who can view your Activities and Maps.

Judging by comments from other usersI am not the only one. Like all the apps we looked at, Strava does a great job at tracking runs. On top of the paid app, mpmyrun is also a Gold Membership. I look forward to finding out if the Pebble Time takes this further.

Can you listen to audio from other apps while running? They rarely agreed on pace, and no doubt the GPS abilities of my iPhone and Garmin are a little different, but the disagreement was probably more to do with sampling rates and smoothing over time than anything else.

Under Armour

People still really love Pebble. On this run I included 5x 5minute tempo pace segments with 75second recoveries which was programmed into my Garmin, but the Map My Tracks app can’t handle intervals as far as I can see. If we compare the results from the Garmin and the Map My Tracks – Pebble combination we can see that the average pace collected by both is very similar at 4: As you complete missions, you will learn more about what caused the zombies, and what the plan is going forward. A lot of devs are no longer supporting their apps though some are chatting on Reddit about still creating apps and particularly watch faces.


Season 1 contains 23 missions, but 2 and 3 contain double that amount each. If you have an iPhone 7, they have a similar model for it. pebblw

I have no idea how they saw them, or what they could see maps vs just the data. I tried taking my iPhone out of my pocket and running with it in my hand to see if that helped psbble it didn’t seem to make any difference. The premise behind it is that it combines running with a story.

Home Running with Pebble Running with Pebble. Tools and Toys has a more detailed review that I recommend checking out. The one key to remember about Health. From a functionality standpoint, they all do what they say they are going to do. Does it track your steps? If your idea of a smartwatch includes wear-it-to-the-office looks, MapMyFitness functionality, and jump-in-the-pool-afterwards durability, the Pebble is the one for you.

I like the fonts, but the sidebar is a bit cluttered for my taste. You launch it and run. Still, when you want to stop, it’s back to your phone.

Once you decide what your goal is, you can move onto picking a training plan.