Other times, outside forces act upon the main character, which is said to be an external conflict. How does she illustrate the complexities found in real people? Plot Diagram 2 1 3 4 5. How does all of this affect our character s? Collier, in your packet. Auth with social network:

A cursory reading of the next section might make it appear as though the rising action has stalled; however, it has simply changed focus. She is torn between feeling sorry for attacking Miss Lottie and feeling that she somehow had a right to attack her. She overhears her father crying and her perception of her father changes drastically. How to Analyze Short Story Plot. Tuesday, September 22 Today’s Agenda: Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

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“Marigolds” by Kathryn Thomas on Prezi

Because of her father’s despair, the narrator sneaks out of the house xtory that night. She is confused, she acts before thinking How old is Lizabeth? Plot The sequence or chain of events within a story — The plot usually involves one or more conflicts which may be external. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Elements of the Short Story

How does Lizabeth change in the moment she comes face mqrigolds face with Miss Lottie? She goes to the garden to destroy all the marigolds in a rage, only to come face-to-face with the old woman.

Published by Sara Porter Modified over 4 years ago. This character, whether hero or villain, is called the protagonist.


The exposition — the introductory part of the story introducing the setting and characters — of “Marigolds” sets the stage by explaining the Depression-era poverty both the narrator and surrounding neighborhood live in.

The stoory acts as an intrinsic part of the characters motivations for behaving in the manner in which they do. She is a big frame woman; she has smooth, reddish-brown skin.

Marigolds Eugenia Collier. – ppt video online download

They also make fun of Miss Lottie’s mentally disabled son, John Burke. WATCH the following video and attempt to make your own origami crane. What do they symbolize for Lizabeth as a child?

Figure sfory speech 4. This article needs additional citations for verification. The kids torment Miss Lottie ostensibly to alleviate their boredom, but another motivation exists for the narrator although she doesn’t understand and is unable to articulate it. With their friends, Lizabeth and her brother go to the house of marigoldz elderly woman named Ms. Conflict A dispute, struggle, or clash between opposing characters or forces.

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Deep down, Lizabeth knows she behaved childishly and she is angry at herself for doing so. She looks up to see Miss Lottie, not as a witch, but as ” From beginning to end. Like the point of view of a movie camera. Thursday, September 10 Today’s Agenda: Accessed 25 February Why are the marigolds important to the adult narrator, Lisabeth?


Tuesday, September 22 Today’s Agenda: Smith — English 9A. An impersonal and objective narrator. Styles can be plain, ornate, metaphorical, spare, descriptive, and so on. The narrator zooms in to focus on the thoughts and feelings of only one character. Lord of the Rings. The exposition also hints at possible character motivation, which affects the interpretation of the rising action and the climactic moment.

Plot Diagram 2 1 3 4 5. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Narrative Elements in “A Worn Path”.

Marigolds (short story)

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. For the first time he despairs, and for the first time the narrator hears her father cry.

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