The writing isn’t particularly stellar, but it flows nicely and it’s the characters that spurred me on to continue reading. This has been confirmed by the publisher EuroVideo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The world, the sights, the various peoples are well described and believable is this fantasy. Tungdil is a dwarf, brought up in the company of humans. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. And then elves who live in woods and consider themselves superior to other races. Ich hab schon viel Fantasy gelesen, schlecht geschrieben Fantasy mit netter Geschichte, gut geschriebene Fantasy mit langatmiger Geschichte.

Have you ever felt that the fantasy genre has never had any central focus on dwarves? Their main goal is to eat all the other creatures. Come on brothers, sing with me! Wa Ich hatte die Reihe vor Jahren angefangen mit meinem Sohn zu lesen. To ask other readers questions about The Dwarves , please sign up. To view it, click here.

Characters are dull and plot is full of so many holes and inconstant. He prefers science fiction to fantasy, but is intrigued by dwarves. This book reminded me of a role playing game. This article does not cite any sources. Adult society is fouled up, and can ultimately only be helped by the youn I read this together with my year-old son.

The dwarves depicted gain depth but then again they are dwarves, they have their funny moments. Die Zwerge is the first novel in the eponymous high fantasy series, The Dwarvesby German fantasy author Markus Heitz.

The story follows Tungdil Goldhand on his movvie through Girldegard, first to find his folk and kinsmen, and then dwarfes an movid journey to save Girdlegard from those that would destroy it.

Tungdil will need to save the dwarves from perilous danger from both without, but also within, a now troubled dwarven kingdom. Aug 28, Tonja rated it it was amazing. It’s a typical campaign fantasy novel, but the characters are what make it unique. This page was last edited on 3 Markuat Oct 02, Perry Gough rated it liked it.


This series jumps to the top of my list. First chapters i was wondering whether i stop it or not. A lot of battles take place. There is almost no humour in this book or any other strong emotions for that matter. Jun 05, Kaitlin rated it really liked it.

Is intuition a special gifting? Even the elves have taken notice. They held the orcs off with the help of the undead Bavragor Hammerfist. The plotting is fun but predictable and the world buidling is a bit simple but has a german European twist to it.

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In a sense, it’s a young adult book. Wie oft liest man: Gunn rated it it was amazing. In a way, dwarves were the last great mystery, the final frontier heeitz fantasy, and Markus Heitz really managed to breach it in a fantastic way. This was such an easy read. As the plo Once I read an article about classic fantasy cliches.

In the end, the items and characters come together neatly to tie up the main story arc. Jul 16, Bryan Alexander rated it liked it Shelves: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Dwarves

What age is this appropriate for? I had never really heard much about ‘The Dwarves’ as a series and so I picked this up on a whim and just hoped that it would be good, and I was not heotz. Ich hab nichts gegen Mainstream-Literatur und schlichte Fantasy It is rare that Dwarvss do not finish reading a book.

Well if you like dwarves, look no further. I could not take it any more. I wish I was able to read German better because I feel I would gain more from reading the book in its original language, Sally-Ann Spencer made the translation a good read though.


Hannah Knight I’d consider it as a mix, in all honesty. Soon Tungdil must embark on a quest that will reacquaint him with his fellow dwarves, as they struggle to save the r Have you ever felt that the fantasy genre has never had any central focus on dwarves?

I’ve read a fair bit of fantasy in dwarvew years and some I have liked better than others. Here the world of Girdlegard is nearly destroyed by a demon-possessed sorcerer, after various leaders prove incompetent to stop him. It’s heifz for adults, but it’s an appropriate read for teens and even pre-teens, in case you’re wondering.

A video game named The Dwarves made by King Art Games was leaked by the German gaming online magazine Hooked is based on the first book, which will be funded through Kickstarter. Achso, und wieso hassen sich Zwerge und Elben? I thoroughly enjoyed it, and didn’t mind staying up late just so I could keep reading it. Giselbert Ironeye, Swarves, and eight other dwarves who were revenants but able to resist the influence of the Perished Land helped forge Keenfire. Darves topic dwafves this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guideline for biographies.

Have you ever felt that the fantasy genre has never had any central focus on dwarves? Markus Heitz was born in Homburg in They apparentl This book seemed to go on forever. It would have been easier if they had translated the original. Death turned around and left. The plot is very simple and predictable.