Bali decides to get Sugriva married to Roma. Jatayu tells Ram a way to kill Virad. Kaikeyi is grateful to Janak for reminding her about her love for Ram. Surpnakha tells Sita that her husband had deceived her. Sita confronts Jayant for his lewd behaviour, who then transforms into a crow and injures her. Ravan tells Marich about his plan to abduct Sita. Sita comes across Surpanakha at the lake.

Later, Ravan decides to abduct Sita. Anusuya tells Sita that she has to protect herself from the demons. Panash’s wife gives her consent to Roma and Sugriva’s marriage. Jatayu is dejected on learning about Dasharath’s death. Ravan decides to punish Ram for his deeds. Ram gets irate when Surpanakha comes to him dressed like Sita!

Bharath requests Ram to return to Ayodhya, but he refuses. A New Love Ishtory min Romance 6. Ravan tells Meghnath to find out whether Bali is alive or dead. A rishi speaks to Ram about Sita’s safety on their perilous journey ahead. Janak favours Ram in the maryadw sabha.

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Bharath asks Ram for his sandals. The story revolves around the main protagonist, Saloni, and her struggle against the stigmas forced upon her by society and her quest to establish her unique identity.

Akampana maryava Ravan about Ram and tells him that Sita is Ram’s weakness. Ram tells her that he is married to Sita.

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Kaushalya shares her miseries with Sumitra. Bharath insists that Ram return episoxe Ayodhya. Ram builds a temple for Lord Shiva in Dandakaranya. Jatayu informs Ram about Surpanakha. Mayavi decides to take Bali to the Rishimukh mountain. As Sita performs goddess Parvati’s puja in the temple, Goddess Parvati kills the demons and rescues Sita.


However, Panash refuses to get Roma married to Sugriva. Later, Lord Shiva tries to get him to realise his folly and scolds him for his misbehaviour. Sumitra gets emotional on reminiscing about Lakshman.

Bharath and Janak decide to marysda Ram back to Ayodhya. Actor Self 2. Tara decides to make Sugriva the king of Kishkinda after his training. Malyavan shares with Meghnad, his plan to take over Kishkinda.

Surpanakha sends a letter to Sulochana seeking her help to beautify herself. Supranakha pretends to drown and calls Ram to rescue her.

Aditya, Priya’s Romantic Night

While Lakshman searches maryzda Sita, Khara attacks Ram with his asuras. Meghnath punishes the soldier for his misdemeanour. However, Sugriva is shocked on hearing Bali’s screams. Hanuman rescues Sugriva from Bali.

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Marich lies to Ram about the asuras’ attack on him. Lakshman apologises to Sita for his mistake. Janak is worried about Sita’s maryaa during the exile.

Seeta is upset about what happened with Surpanakha. Shatrughan feels dejected on realising Bharath’s fervent love for Ram. A good Samaritan Krish is in love with Pooja,Pooja suggests to pose as a boyfriend to her friend Maryaa so that she could get rid of her marriage commitment as Bhumi wants to complete her Later, Jayant praises Sita’s beauty.


Rpisode decides to punish Ram for his deeds. Lakshman apologises to Bharath for suspecting him. The wealthy Malhotra family consists of dad, Vikram, his wife, and son, Raj. Surpanakha urges Ram to marry her but he tells her that he is already married.

Disguised as a deer, Marich reaches the ashram with his injured leg. Sita surprises Ram and Lakshman with her gift.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant — 20 min Comedy 7. Jatayu informs Ram maeyada Ravan’s army has attacked the residents of Panchvati. Meanwhile, Ram asks Jatayu to keep an eye on Surpanakha. Sita finds a kid wandering in the jungle.

Malyavan tells Meghnath how Maryaad had once defeated Ravan. In a mountainous, hilly and forest region; Vishal Saxena and Natasha meet on one of the hills episose a college hike only to spend considerable time with each other which eventually blossom Surpanakha decides not to go to Dandakaranya.

Malyavan confronts Virad for hiding the truth from Ravan. Ram gets irate when Surpanakha comes to him dressed like Sita! Delinquent Dancers Not Rated 94 min Music 6. The life of a married couple turns upside down after 8 years of marriage as some hard truths between them come to light.