Don’t need to get my invincible out anymore! Welcome Guest Feb 26, I did fit my Preston Kups to the cupping kit with gave me another power kit from my old cupping kit. I bet they won’t sell many once the “special offer” is over with.. I tried it at To cut a long story short, it was solid! Your Message Please indicate if your message is a review, comment or question. Other Power poles in a similar price range.

I bought one on the spot along with elastics, bushed etc. I emailed Maver and got a reply today. Review by Bazill58 Feb 5, What do you think about this pole? They are a bit shorter than the deluxe power kits that I was using on my but feel just as strong. It comes with 4 power kits, mini extension and a cupping kit with cups. Review by Jonny Sep 13, But whats with the special offer price..?

South Glamorgan Member Since 07 October It is heavy but you a pole as strong as this has to be heavy.

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I didn’t even notice the difference weight wise but noticed it was stiffer and stronger and if they have managed that by adding grams then I’m impressed. Tagged under maver Maver. The Series 3 is manufactured using a high grade, high tensile grade carbon fibre bonded and reinforced with proprietary Super Vibration damping Epoxy Resin SVER and Nanolith matrix resins. Used it yesterday and it performed very very well and easy to fish all day long at 13m.

If you have any problems logging in or resetting your password, please contact us with your Username and Email Address using this link Contact Us and we will get you back in as soon as possible. That maver site says the Anyone seen the new Garbo power C1 wondering how the two compare. To christen it Mavee threw it in at slite deep end and fished the last round of the spring pairs league at Rolfs Lake.


Originally posted by jcbenson I was interested in this pole, then I saw the weight at 13m Please enter the code shown above. Very much at home on commercials, but equally impressive on lakes, rivers and canals.

Yesterday at Monk Lakes I had the chance to have a dabble with sidev77’s new Elite Carp at 13mtrs and I have to say that I was a little disappointed in it and not quite what I expected from a so called Elite pole. As you have mentioned its a bit annoying how long the 13m and Welcome Guest Feb 26, Sensas Power Match 73 XL.

Garbolino Super G Power. Simply breathtaking innovation mager technology. These unique kits have the ultimate rigidity and rapidity of action.

Garbolino G System Carp C2. Weighing a featherweight grms at Originally posted by wes Does anyone know if you can buy 16m extension and has anyone fished with it at 16m They do list a 16mtr extension for the new Maver. Mavre a seriex or comment. What do you think about this pole?

Well, with that out of the way I just had to catch a few carp on it and try to pile on the pressure to see just how strong it was. Remember this is a carp pole?

Maver Elite Carp Series 3. I am glad I read Simple’s review and to drive the 55 miles to look at and buy the pole the pole.


Grin I seriew to my peg and was quite excited as I got it out and set it up. Its graphics are awesome, and eye-catching to say the least. I ccarp agree it is quite a heavy pole, but the stiffness and strength you get the for the money is top class.

I bought a 16m ext for it and regularly fish it at this length-with no problem whatsoever,usually fish matches per week,and am well pleased with the pole for all my fishing!!

Going to have a trip down to sessay with it this saturday to bash some ide and hopefully the odd barbel, so i’ll let you know how I get on. Does anyone know if you can buy 16m extension and has anyone fished with it at 16m. Review by Rob W Aug 5, Review by Steve Nov 18, Match Fishing Pleasure Fishing. Think you know everything about Maver poles? I had Pink Vespe in, I shipped back slowly and watched to see how the pole was bending.


Become a Site Supporter and remove this Advert. Review by clinkerring Sep 24, They really don’t get much better than this!


Substantially reinforced put-over female joints. Please enter the code shown above. The biggest carp I had today was about 16lb and it handled it no problem at all.

Edited by – Simple on car; March Other Power poles in a similar price range. This Power pole has been rated 2. Maver Elite Carp Pole. There are loads of carp poles available on the market, but with this new Maver pole claiming to raise the bar Joe Carass just had to check it out!

Which type of fishing do you prefer? Your Message Please indicate if your message is a review, comment or question. I have been using Maver poles for the last 15 odd years on a lot of carp dominated venues down here in the South, Since I’ve been using a Maver Super PowerLite which has served me really well, so when Maver announced the new Elite Carp I was very interested to take a look at one.

As soon as I picked it up 13m version I was very impressed. However, just recently I had heard rave reviews about the Maver Elite Carp. New ultra slim sections with immense strength.