Another Everyday Japanese Drama. Full House Thai Drama. Run Towards Tomorrow Korean Special. Fabulous 30 Taiwanese Drama. Kyoto Inferno Japanese Movie. My Little Bride Korean Movie.

Naeil’s Cantabile Korean Drama. I just have to know what happens next. Emergency Couple Korean Drama. May Queen Episode 5. Romance Town Korean Drama. Tale of the Fox’s Child Korean Drama. Cinderella Man Korean Drama. A Bad Family Korean Special.

Naeil’s Cantabile Korean Drama.

Thanks to a reader here on the blog I now have the new adress to Kimchidrama! Episode is up on Kimchi Drama and last night I washed them both.

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From Small Town Girls to U. I am Your Teacher Korean Drama. The First Mate Team. Well I can go on and on, with what happens next in this episode but I think you should see it and find out on your own: White Christmas Korean Special. One Day Thai Movie.


Haeundae Lovers Korean Drama. Cop 2 Korean Drama. We follow a man named Kim Woo-Hyun, but in episode 2 there is an explotion and he and a man he studied to become a police man with are hurt, one of them dies and the one that is asumed to be Kim Woo-Hyun survives but kinchidrama so badly hurt that he needs surgary to fix his face, and the make him look exactly like Kim Woo-Hyun. The Badass Baker Thai Drama. Fashion King Korean Drama.

Boy’s Paradise Thai Drama. kijchidrama

Refresh Man Taiwanese Drama. And then we have Fashion King.

Kiss Me Thai Drama. Drama Special Season 7: Cinderella’s Sister Korean Drama. The Foxy Pilot Thai Drama. Gap Dong Korean Drama.

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Along With the Gods: The Legendary Lackey Korean Special. Her Lovely Heels Korean Drama.

Korean Show

Jungle Fish Korean Special. Full House Korean Drama. Because I have had a buisse scedual I have not wached many dramas the last couple of weeks, that is why I have not posted anything. Yang Ohn Yoo Supporting Cast. Cheo Yong 2 Korean Drama. School – Love On Korean Drama. Love Exposure Japanese Movie. Kim Yoo Jung Main Cast. But one day, Choi Young Lee Min Ho kidnaps her and takes her back to the Goryeo era because needing her medical skills.


I just have to know what happens next. My Little Bride Korean Movie. Nana and Kaoru Japanese Movie. Good Doctor Japanese Drama.