If substrate preparation is the responsibility of another installer, notify Architect of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding. The following products and manufacturers may be bid as an alternate product in accordance with Section – Alternates. The oil impregnated hub design includes an articulated brake assembly, which assures a smooth, non-jerky operation in raising and lowering the shades. Lifts single band or multiband shade assemblies:. Section – Rough Carpentry: ShadeLoc by Mecho, a zipper shade system that uses side channels to capture the zippered edges of the shadecloth. Provide shade hardware system that allows multi-banded manually operated shades to be capable of smooth operation when the axis is offset a maximum of 6 degrees on each side of the plane perpendicular to the radial line of the curve, for a 12 degrees total offset. Coordination with acoustical ceiling systems for installation of shade pockets, closures and related accessories.

Each shade motor shall be accessible for control purposes from up to four local switches and one master switch. If the alternate product is acceptable to the Architect, the specified manufacturer will be given the opportunity to provide an equivalent proposal. Any alternate pricing must include line-by-line compliance or non-compliance with the specifications. Each IS shall be capable of storing one control level address to be broadcast along the busline. Clean roller shade surfaces after installation, according to manufacturer’s written instructions. Go to website or call Mecho for more information.

In absence of manufacturer’s standards, be responsible for proper use and placement of battens to assure proper tracking and roll of shadebands.

Requests for substitutions 15550 be considered in accordance with provisions of Section Furnish battens in place of plain seams when the width, height, or weight of the shade exceeds manufacturer’s standards.

Each IS shall be capable of storing one control level address to be broadcast along the busline.

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Blackout lightseal hembar is not required sries sill channels are used. Connect master wall switches to control system components via low voltage 12V DC 6-conductor modular cable equipped with RJ type connectors supplied, installed and certified under Division 16 – Electrical.

Shades shall be operated by a 4 and 8 button low voltage standard switches or programmable intelligent switches IS. Distinctive Blackoutblackout shadecloth with laminated 2 x 2 basket weave, opaque fiberglass base with Vinyl coating, heavy-weight construction, white color reverse side for exterior.


Colors match 5 percent open and 3 percent open. General Contractor shall provide power panels and circuits of sufficient size to accommodate roller shade manufacturer’s requirements, as indicated on the mechanical and electrical drawings. All shades on the same switch circuit with the same opening height shall align at each intermediate stopping position.

Other widths might be available on special order. SoHo3 percent open2 x 2 basket-weave pattern of fine yarn PVC seriex polyester blend, same colors as in 1 percent open and series, 5 percent open. NFPA Article listed and labeled by either UL or ETL or other testing agency acceptable to authorities having jurisdiction, marked for intended use, and tested as a system.

If the alternate product is acceptable to the Architect, the specified manufacturer will be given the opportunity to provide an equivalent proposal. Control system components shall provide appropriate spike and brown out over-current protection plus or minus 10 percent of line voltage for each of the four individual motor circuits and shall be rated by UL or ETL as a recognized component of seriez system and tested as an integrated system.

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Hem weights shall be of appropriate size and weight for shade band. Hem Pockets and Hem Weights: Delete if not required. ThermoVeil5 percent open, 2 by 2 dense basket-weave pattern, colors match 3 percent openalso inches mm wide. Provide battens for railroaded shades when width-to-height W: Reconfiguration of switch groups shall not require rewiring of the hardwired line voltage motor power supply wiring, or the low voltage control wiring.

Colors match 1 percent open and 5 percent open. Exposed fastening is not acceptable. Provide either extruded aluminum and or formed steel shade pocket with extruded aluminum trim for all exposed components, sized to accommodate roller shades, with exposed extruded aluminum closure, tile support and removable closure panel to provide access to shades.

Contractor shall be responsible for assuring the width-to-height W: Standard switch shall be wired to a bus interface and the bus interface will be programmed to transmit an address for the local switch. EuroTwilldistinctive, tightly woven twill design, mechoshave of fine polyester with PVC coating at 1 to 2 percent open.


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Deliver shades in factory-labeled packages, marked with manufacturer and product name, fire-test-response characteristics, and location of installation using same room mechoehade indicated on Drawings and in the Window Treatment Schedule. Side and sill channels would not be different colors.

Mecho’s energy-conserving manual and motorized shades work in harmony with the dynamic use of glass to improve interior environments with optimum solar protection, greater use of natural light, energy savings and those vitally important outdoor views so beneficial to human personal well-being and productivity. Extruded aluminum with polybond edge seals and SnapLoc-mounting brackets and with concealed fastening. Retain both if both types required. Mecho Drive Bracket model Mecho5x shall be fully integrated with all Mecho accessories, including, but not limited to: Channels shall accept one-piece exposed blackout hembar with vinyl seal to assure light control.

The entire Mecho5x assembly shall be fully mounted on the steel support bracket, and fully independent of the shade tube assembly, which may be removed and reinstalled without effecting the roller shade limit adjustments.

Prepare shop drawings on Autocad or Microstation format using base sheets provided electronically by the Architect.

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The braking mechanism shall be applied to an oil-impregnated hub on mechsohade which the brake system is mounted. All above-ceiling and concealed wiring shall be plenum-rated, or installed in conduit, as required by the electrical code having jurisdiction. Battens shall be roll formed of stainless steel or tempered steel and concave to match the contour of the roller tube.