The Friendship Combination Season: We Won’t Be Defeated! Along the way I learned a lot about subtitling, and the Sentai fandom as a whole. The Explosive Granny Whirlwind Season: But Megaranger has this spark that sets it apart from other Super Sentai. Mega Silver’s Greatest Crisis Season: Re-downloading 23 episodes is pretty hard for me. This site uses cookies.

But I also think that makes Megaranger special. Thanks for all the great work! Names, as well, should be left alone. Out of Control Guirail Season: The future Megaranger looked forward to was the world we live in right now, almost 20 years later. The other big change is the Opening and Ending songs. Big Bro’s Miracle Shoot Season: You are commenting using your WordPress.

By contrast, I see no real issue and no harm done in translating the names of the Nezire Monster animals.

Denji Sentai Megaranger 1-24

When I was deep enough in Sentai fandom to keep track of which shows were on the air, Megaranger was the show currently airing. But so were cell phones, the earliest HDTVs, digital cameras, hand-held camcorders, and the potential of satellite-based technologies. This show has very much become a part episodee me. Of course, time goes by and the original scrub by MegaAnon expanded and we now arrive at today and 24 episodes of Megaranger.

Mega Silver’s Greatest Crisis Season: Fill in your details below kegaranger click an icon to log in: Mega Red’s True Identity Season: Re-downloading 23 episodes is pretty hard for me. Is there any way you can release patches? The biggest changes to this release is the title which is now translated as Electronics Squad Megaranger, as opposed to Electromagnetic Sentai Megaranger, which was actually something I just swiped from wikipedia.


The future looked terrifying and uncertain inand many worried that the children of the day were inheriting a world that was beyond saving. So, thanks for putting these up, and even going back through and re-doing them to make them even better.

The Mysterious Boy’s Forest Season: If the font for episode 6 looks weird, use this patch. Megaranger defied such cynical thinking, and showed teenagers becoming heroes episoode could save the world with the power of ever-advancing technology.

Thanks for all the great work! Hinelar’s Dark Ambition Season: Out of Control Guirail Season: Megaranger, in its way, is the past dreaming about the world we live in right now. Is It the End!? The Invincible Deadly Punch Season: The Lure of the Red Rose Season: Thanks to Kou, Lynxara, and Alkaid for taking on this project. The Clingy, Bothersome Girl Season: Notify me of new comments via email.

Decisive Christmas Eve Clash Season: This is a series not judged by just megwranger actors, its suit actors, the music or the production team but by the whole of its parts. It means just as much to me as Zyuranger does, and I hold it very close to my heart.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here We Won’t Be Defeated! It was then that I desperately hoped someone would fix up the subtitles for Megaranger, and a few moments later I decided to do it myself.

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In fact, the smartphone I own now is in every conceivable way a better computer than the pricy PC I used back in This site uses cookies. This Is an Underhanded Battle Season: The End of Nezirejia Season: Every smartphone includes a digital camera, now, and can talk to GPS. Chisato’s Old Man’s Voice Season: Email required Address never made public. In a broad sense, Megaranger is a show about advancing technology, and the consumer electronics explosion that occurred in the mids.