Lily said this on July 29, at 2: Personally felt that season 1 is better maybe because i like seeing shancai and dao ming si together. Angelica is allowed to go on her first field mission since her earlier hospitalization. Raven said this on May 13, at 9: Henrietta and her “handler,” Jose , members of Section Two of the Social Welfare Agency, which handles covert government actions, are ordered to a site to acquire a witness. Afterward, Pinocchio tells Aurora, a girl living near him, to stay away from him. Olga and Priscilla have also headed to Milan to check up on how Angelica is doing and Marco drafts them into helping with the mission at hand.

This is an excellent resource. Katiejane said this on May 16, at 1: A month after Angelica’s successful return, she seems to be doing well. It IS pretty romantic, haha. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! It made me wonder if I could love someone like that for so long, without any guarantee of being together. I loved Hana Kimi it was so funny and cute..

January 13th – January 19th”. The girls begin to sing Beethoven ‘s Symphony No.

veoh – Meteor Garden Ep. 15

They return to the farm in Frascati and Triela returns to the house in Naples where she had her first fight with Pinocchio. Sue said this on March 25, at For all Jiro Wang lovers out there, this is a must-watch!

Meanwhile, the PRF agents themselves decide to charge in despite the advice of Nino, who has made up his mind to retire.


It was totally awesome! Others that I recommend not in order are: Yup i like Jiro and Wu ZUn as well.

Susan said this on August 28, at 5: Meteor Garden is one of the most famous Taiwanese dramas out there. Life, Happiness, and the Gun: Megan on Quotes Galoreā€¦. Meanwhile, Marco’s ex-girlfriend, Patricia, is approached by a reporter named Leonardo Contiwho claims to know a shadowy truth about episove Social Welfare Agency, and wants Patricia to help him investigate it.

Has anyone watched My Girl? Archived from the original on It adapts the first two manga volumes of the series over thirteen episodes which aired in Japan from October 9, to February 19, on Bandai Channel and Fuji Television.

Raven said this on May 13, at 9: But it was really an outstanding one. Angelica is injured in a training session, leading the head of the Social Welfare Agency to question the value gqrden Section Two. The first is good if you like TWdramas. Irene said this on April 20, at 2: Two pieces epiaode theme music are used for the first series; one opening theme and one ending theme.

A moment later, Aurora sneaks into Pinocchio’s house and is captured by him, Flanca and Franco, who then hold her hostage. Flanca and Franco arrive to rescue Cristiano and make their escape by car. Flashbacks reveal that Flanca, whose given name was Caterina, was the person who introduced Patricia to Marco when they were both going to the University of Rome. Is that a sad show? February 9, [28]. Hana Kimi japan is sooo good! Notify me of new comments via email.


Summer x summer 6. Lily said this on July 29, at 2: Definitely much better than the korean version.

Meteor Garden 2: Episode 14 (4/5)

Qing Fei De Yi. On Christmas day, however, she receives a present from Mario as well.

The reason why Xi Men is such a playboy is revealed, as well as Mei Zuo’s own love story since he was in elementary school. Boys Over Flowers i love it very much!!

Meteor Garden Ep 14 – 2

Unbeknown to Aurora, Triela slips a mic into her lunch basket. Once there, he shows Henrietta the stars through a telescope for the first time, noting that he wanted her to look upon the sky with something other than a rifle scope.

Initially, Claes finds it difficult to cope with Raballo’s relentless training and strict businesslike relationship. Is Only You a good show? However, after the two begin fishing together, they acquire a closer emteor. January 12, [20].