A rental at best, though I’d think you should wait for cable. She tries to seduce him, unfortunately in her underwear instead of completely nude. One day Roger stumbles upon the truth that his life is controlled in every detail. As a dystopian warning, it would have worked much better had it been shorter, and for that very reason I’m going to keep this blurb concise as well. Despite its familiar themes, Metropia is worth screening for the simple marriage of form and function it represents. They have no soul, but more importantly they have no movement. Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Not only was Metropia’s style of CG animation very difficult to get used to it was saturated with exceedingly grubby and ugly imagery , but, its story never succeeded in getting anywhere near to being in the least bit interesting, nor thought-provoking.

And not in a good way. Metropia is not super deep at it core, but it reminds me of the Heavy Metal comics I used to devour when I was a teenager, and that’s not at all bad. The pace is really slow, this might be because 10 minutes of plot is being stretched into a whole film. So yes the core of the story is an old one and all has to come from the graphics, characters and small storyline differences. Dystopian tale of a man unwittingly picked to play a part in an attempt to bring down a giant corporation that controls Europe via an all encompassing subway and shampoo don’t ask. Brazil, but Tarik Saleh’s debut compensates for the lack of narrative invention with stunning visuals.

WakenPayne 3 February The animation does most of mwtropia heavy lifting for the film, it’s just not quite strong enough to rescue Roger or “Metropia.


She too had a good idea, but it was very poorly executed. After a slow start, there is a race at the end to hand over the answers to all the clues dropped along the way. An ugly, dreary bore of which any intellect it has is only skin deep. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Ratung and Privacy Policy.

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The atmosphere created and the style of the movie is excellent. The world has had all the life and energy sucked out of it, it’s no wonder there’s not much energy left for the inhabitants of said world. Goofs When Anna is doodling on the mail, moovie is clearly seen that the debt collection agency has spelled its business as “dept collection”.

But what struck me immediately when it began was how bad it looked. But still, there are enough upsides to Metropia to make it an easy uprate. The main thing that bugged me about the film was the very slow pace at which it moved. The pace is really slow, this might be because 10 minutes of plot is being stretched into a whole film.

Well, I really wanted to like this film. It’s rare that a film emerges that challenges these notions but Tarik Saleh’s Metropia does that in fairly interesting ways. But with that said there are problems in the story and characters. Sometimes when he is too near the underground he hears a strange voice in his head.

That’s awesome, but here’s the problem: Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Despite grand ambitions, “Metropia” doesn’t quite manage either though it makes a high-minded grab at a bit of both. Sci-FiThrillerAnimation. An error has occured.

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I love science fiction, especially intelligent science fiction, but Metropia does not cut it. We survey over 60 experts and our The problems arise out of a muddled plot and a need to make statements which go off in all directions at once. Raating, this is one of those worlds where paranoia seems justified; but the dangers don’t seem very imminent.


He is also complex sensitive, poetic and very funny. This movie is only stylish and not in great manner.

Everyone seems to be wearing a neck brace. September 04, Perhaps I missed something.

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Fisher Nov 11, And in the few “action” sequences, characters only shuffle a little more quickly than usual, like crabs rushing from the next wave. Nothing really new narrative-wise, but the plot really isn’t the point of this film.

I love the look of this movie.

Oddball cult favourite Vincent Gallo plays Roger, a timid office drone in a drab futuristic Europe, connected by an intricate underground metro system. November 03, There are good, basic sci-fi ideas in the script, but they’re not satisfyingly developed.

It’s an interesting film, more for its technique than its narrative. It’sthe world is running out of oil, and Europe has been connected via a huge subway system.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But somebody is plotting with Nina. March 30, He’s worried that forces he doesn’t understand are at work and has a sneaky suspicion that the Metro that sprawls underneath most of Europe is part of the problem.