Meanwhile, Skylar starts her first day of school as Connie Valentine. Kaz and Oliver get jobs at Mighty Med. Retrieved November 11, Meanwhile, Alan tries to prove himself as a doctor by curing the superhero Titanio of his amnesia. Kaz finds out that Phillip has a pet camel named Camela Anderson. He then requests the mirror from Gus, who breaks it, trying to prove a point.

The boys, Skylar and Alan must work together to stop a deadly villain infestation, prevent the Annihilator from keeping Skylar’s powers, and keep Mighty Med also Horace from being destroyed forever. Horace puts Skylar in charge of security to keep villains out of Mighty Med. Meanwhile, Gus has found the Pandorean, but is oblivious to the drawings that become real behind him. Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile, outraged at Oliver’s appointment as Tecton’s sidekick, Alan and Benny plan to become a superhero duo. When Oliver goes to Mighty Med, Kaz reveals he set the whole thing up because he knew Oliver was spying on him and had the hero Replicate transform into a busheon beetle.

When Brain Matter grows back to normal, Horace reveals his serum worked and Brain Matter has the powers he intended to give himself. Stefanie hits Principal Howard with a shoe because she thinks he is a rebel trying to kill Connie.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kaz and Oliver must study for a Mighty Med exam that will allow them to learn deeper secrets of Mighty Med, but if they fail, they will be cubed. Skylar tells Alan that he is extremely annoying and relays Horace’s message to Alan. The Lab Rats then return home.

Retrieved November 13, Kaz clones himself and manages to defeat Megahertz. Horace announces to Oliver that he and Bridget are engaged. The series aired for two seasons, premiering on October 7,and running through September 9, The way Oliver might be able to lift Skylar from her evil spell is with a kiss, but when Kaz hangs up, the twins realize they got the spell mixed up with Sleeping Beauty and Oliver will die if he kisses Skylar.

When the pregnant superhero Arachnia is admitted to the ER, Oliver must wear her egg sac and become the new host until he is ready to give birth to Arachnia’s babies. Retrieved from ” https: Jordan crosses the line and snags his sweater vest, causing Alan to lose control and morph into a pig in a sweater vest.

Kaz and Oliver worry about what Skylar has planned for them now that they know she’s evil. Retrieved July 23, When Gus contracts a strange illness, Kaz and Oliver devise a plan to sneak him into the ER for treatment, where he ends up becoming a villain due to the vaccine.


Horace explains that objects drawn with the Pandorean vanish after six hours, and right on cue, all of the fancy things Kaz has drawn vanish. Stephen Engel Vincent Brown.

When the Great Defender joins in, he takes pranking too far and wreaks havoc on the hospital, which turns out to be another prank by Horace and Skylar. Meanwhile, outraged at Oliver’s appointment as Tecton’s migjty, Alan and Benny plan to become a superhero duo. Kaz and Skylar must save the bridge alone, until Tecton and Captain Atomic arrive and fight each other rather than Sonic Shriek. Meanwhile, Wallace uses an optical image replicator to turn Clyde into an identical look-alike of Kaz.

Philip has never seen the Arcturion since then. Retrieved September 19, Hapax kills the Annihilator, which sends out a blast that turns every infected superhero good again, but Skylar is now in danger of dying.

They end up in the fight between Captain Atomic and Principal Howard.

Alan wins when Skylar refuses to let Lizard Man remain trapped and Skylar worsens her score when she gives an impassioned speech about normos being heroes as well. The Black Falcon escapes, but Captain Atomic gets his confidence back and decides to stay in the future.

The strange rock is known as the all-powerful Arcturion. It turns out Wallace and Clyde have some form of melting with firepower. Captain Atomic waych Principal Howard, but he knocks out Jordan, who does not remember it later on. However, Horace discovers that the nomo actually is serious and will kill Optimo within 10 minutes unless Alan donates some super-erythrocytes. Retrieved March 11, Retrieved August 20, Back at the hospital, panic has ensued when the Pandorean is nowhere to be found and another pair of fusion forceps must be drawn to save Valkira.

Out in the desert, Kaz and Oliver argue about what to do next, as Kaz now believes Skylar is beyond rescue and brutally tells Oliver that a future with Skylar isn’t possible. However, the boys learn not only is Skylar in danger of losing her powers forever, but she will also die.

Later, it is revealed that the leader of the villains is Oliver’s mother. Meanwhile, Horace cannot perform surgery on Citadel, an ailing superhero with an impenetrable metal exoskeleton.


However, Philip accidentally launched the spaceship, which subsequently crashed. Kaz attempts to gain superpowers by drinking Camela’s milk. Neocortex, a superhero with mind control, communication, and altering powers, is checked into Mighty Med and Oliver convinces him to change his personality to be like Kaz’s. At the end of the episode, Alan once again tries to pursue the two to buy his comic, but they say no, so Alan leaves his comic on a shelf in the store.

Mighty Med – S 1 E 4 – I_ Normo

Wrath, because he saw him wztch through a solid door; Dr. Later, Oliver discovers that his mother is Mr. Megahertz claims the prison rehabilitation program he is in is helping him rid himself of his evil desires.

Kaz then tells new guard Philip to release him so he can save Oliver. They enter the closet and Oliver moves a plunger to reveal a doorway to a hidden hospital for superheroes called Mighty Med. During the fight against the Annihilator, Megahertz and Mightty show up to fight after escaping from Mighty Max Prison.

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However, all goes awry when Dark Warrior gets beaten by Dreadlock and stuffed into a hamburger and Kaz and Oliver change the ending to where Dark Warrior wins and Dreadlock looks like a fool. However, the Annihilator, having survived Skylar’s blast, weakly attempts one final act of revenge and shoots Skylar with a shot of stolen Black Widower’s poison.

Kaz spots a man sneaking into a supply closet who looks like Blue Tornado, a superhero they read about. However, Wi-Fi is searching for the list of superheroes to sell to the other villains and rewires Titanio to attack Kaz, Oliver, and Benny. When Oliver finds the first Annihilator comic book, telling how Hapax the Elder mentored the Annihilator as a boy, training him to become a superhero, but his anger at being called a mightt turned him to a super-villain, Kaz decides to find Hapax on Skylar’s home planet, Caldera, to convince the mentor to come back to Earth and defeat the Annihilator.

Wrath watcg when Stefanie reveals it is her and ties Kaz and Skylar up in negative chains, but they escape by saying positive things about each other.