The server includes Survival games, Survival and paintball with much more to come. Welcome to Dark Moon RP. Hoi Wij zijn SurvivalCraft een leuke en gezellige server Met vriendelijke staff. But if u get tired of factions we also have tons of minigames. We are an old server that wants to start again, we will be a roleplay server an we are currently looking for STAFF. Welcome to your first glimpse at Redhill. Anyone can enjoy themselves here, there is so much fun to have and we wouldnt want to spend it with anyone else but you players. Welcome and thank you for your interest in this server.

We will soon have minigames and m ore. Come and join in the mass hysteria. Build your own city and create your own character to roleplay as. Lion n Rock IP: StuffCraft is a survival server where yo u can do what you like. Diamond Nation – Survival IP: On this server, youre free to do whatever you want except griefing.

This is a small Vanilla server with the legdndary of a few plugins like warps, tpa and sethome, this server has a great little community and loads of friendly staff, come and check it out. A small server with a friendly team of staff, We have Spigot with a few plugins to enhance the playing experience. The server still developing and we need ideasplease do not criticize him for Russian and Ukrainian players out thereall players are equal and need.

Semi-Vanilla PvP with friendly players and staff. We are recruiting NOW. He doesnt care what inferbal have to say so dont ask for anything. Ovatables is a unique, Australian survival server that hopes to bring an unforgettable, classic mibeplex play experience. Do not hack, ask for staff, encourage others to do the same etc. This is a fun semi-vanilla server it does need donations so try and help us out infernla way we can keep on hosting as fast as you can. Minewhite is a survival server.


Bukkit server met mods en genoeg resourc es.

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UltraCraft is a large multiplayer server which allows infednal cracked and premium p layers to enjoy it. We have custom plugins, a great community and exciting new gamemodes that are unique to us. No mods, N o plugins and No mess. We are a new server starting up while this is going on feel free to join in and try out our server.

MCOblivion is a fun, multi play server w ith many of perks. Dit is het ip: Welcome to our server Electric Crystal. OMG the server is online comm n best see rver not ip localhost: Join us today at enderhotelmc. Wildcraft is a great place to stop looking. If this is you, give this server a. Atlas Network is a server like no other.

We are a pure vanilla minecraft server t hat offers a fun and free playstyle. You open your eyes around you, a large fort constructed from well-aged oak and weathered stone. We are a new OP drug server looking for awesome players to come along and play.

Elgendary Game Prison IP: This is a small, hopefully growing, Mine craft vanilla PVP survival community. Evolvecraft Gaming Network IP: We have Skyblock, Factions and Prison. The game network IP: Come and join us for an adventure. New friendly server looking for more peo ple.

Come and play on our new server. Meloncraft Network v2 IP: A small friendly server. This is a Vanilla Survival Server with extra perks levendary on. You will get banned if you hack or spam.


We have added Custom terrain for you to explore. Please Vote this server. MCall Network is a cracked 1.

We are a starting server looking for people that want to play on our server. There are no ranks, moderators, or other staff, just You, the other players, and the near vanilla. LegacyCraft – Come join our epic semi-pv p survival server. That is just a warning for you. We need builders, players, characters, etc.

Come join us on play. Were a magical themed Minecraft server based on the wonderful world of witches and wizards. Faction pvprnwb xrnshopr nnone op.

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Fresh new PvP and Factions server with soon to be bosses. PvP Factions server with great community.

A fun server with an goal to bring a fun experience to Minecraft players. BlackMagicCraft is een oude server we willen iedereen een eerlijke gameplay geven, geen pay 2 win en dit is best een unieke functie rond om onze server, we willen graag iedereen verwelkomen. De server draait mineplez 1. Welcome to Horror Factions, Be careful when the night falls. Big plans ahead of us so stay tuned. Come on and join the fun.