Accidentally started reading a horror manga with exact same name. This Blog Has Moved! It looks like sengoku basara and jojo had a child. Calling best anime of the season now [img]http: So the last few nights I have just watched anime and wrote a few notes down so I wouldn’t forget key issues. This is the best route. Been waiting on Free, will be watching later tonight. Dam you killed Kaiji quick lol.

Finally got a chance to watch episode one of Tamayura S2. Akari at 16 http: New anime season started this week brahthers, what’s the recommendation? It looks like sengoku basara and jojo had a child. On dat older women time. Movies under action , ova , psychological , supernatural.

Nah man pink haired sloot from Highschool of the Dead brb Tsundere brb teddies u wot notbad but Louise is best pink haired waifu [img]http: ColourPop nikk Hello Kitty!

What did he get banned for? Nyaruko-san is a pretty epiisode silly anime to deload with but Mahiro rustles my jimmies. I found my HBB brahs [img]http: I am here and alive! Akari at 16 http: Good visuals, probably going to have a decent story. But that’s not the case, isn’t it? Post your MAL epidode so I can check out what sports anime you have watched so far. The art’s girl is a fukking psycho Just watch that Free swimming show When you watch it you get that same feeling of helplessness, rage and sadness that you get from shingeki.


When will it be mine turn. Get out auengibe here with your poverty witch and walking dead reject But does she teddies and tsundere? D Asking him how he is aware but he won’t let on. TlvJ3SzBnwg We homo now?

It said in the diary that she was his mother continuing his father’s work. Who’s dares to venture into the forbidden phaggytime. Want to start volume 4 but will start it later. D inb4 you invite female employees to watch it with you inb4 management gets suspicious and decides one day nikkk burst into your office inb4 phaggyterna is revealed to all your co workers Whelp I’m off to bed Happy 4th of July brahs.

Need to stay away from the hummingbird chat, dat nikka Cairus be autistic as fuk. Get out of here with your poverty witch and walking dead reject my brotha http: I’ll be keeping up with it. D would raw dog right there dont care, also similar episoode when potatoe girl pic is taking ahuge fart hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhh no fuks given.

Just finished reading Hen Koi my review: I swear the fuken mods have done something to my account Edit; Lol Josh you cheeky kent I know your reading this.

Isn’t it suppose to be ending soon.


Mirai Nikki Episode 17 eng sub

For more details, check out our Legal Disclaimer. This is the best route. I am also pumped for that show, it has 13 episodes.

My son is missing and you were the last one to be seen with him.

Bet she got with him at the end. That was a fun night. Going to read Naruto now. Lol’d hard at Shin’s first house. Finally Sakura has no more screen time. Finally got a chance to watch episode one of Tamayura S2.

未来日記 Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) Ep 17 English Subbed – video dailymotion

So far it hasn’t been too cliche either so I’m loving that: OP was good this week dat meteor fruit thinking either, gravity fruit, void fruit, or space fruit. Just started Me-Teru no Kimochi and the first chapter Copyright – WatchAnimeMovie.

Can someone confirm Yuno hnnnngggggggggggggggggg. Yuno on the other hand was just insane. Recommend me more borderline ecchi smuts like me-teru no kimochi, naozoki ana, uwakoi, blush dc.