Having vowed revenge on her for all the injustices placed upon them, Dr. Jenny fails an audition for the school play of Romeo and Juliet , due to her being a robot. If Tuck doesn’t pass his next assignment, he’s going to wind up repeating the second grade. I really like this one as it gives us a look into Wakeman’s past. I dunno where that leads, but they’ve become friends on their own, though I think Brad would rather not associate himself with Sheldon. Their family arrangements must be a bit odd, but they don’t seem to be complaining about it and in fact find strength in having each other to rule. The Great Unwashed Jenny may look goo in blue, but she’s smokin in red with flames. They’ll often fight, but it’ll never be anything too bad.

You get to know how Jenny met Brad and Tuck and you’re introduced to the main characters. Turns out, poor Sheldon was stuck on the aliens’ ship when Jenny got rid of it in the previous episode , and he’s been spending decades trying to get back to Earth even though it’s only been a short time on Earth since he left. Also, Jenny has a way of convincing Brad to do things, such as put up with Tuck. Jenny finally realizes she wears the same thing every day after being made fun of and is determined to put together a new wardrobe to humiliate Brit and Tiff. Post a new comment Error. Jenny has been invited to her handsome classmate Don Prima’s latest party, and she has gotten a tune-up and a new paint job just for the occasion. What’s going to become of their friendship? Jenny is unwittingly programmed for evil against her will by a spoiled child named Todd Sweeney, who uses her to ruin the holidays for all of Tremorton.

She acts more royal than just rich.

Jenny and Brad’s secret party is a hit, but between keeping the eplsode under control, keeping the house in one piece, and keeping epiisode group of tiny multiplying aliens from invading Earth, Jenny has her hands full. Jenny, Brad, Tuck and Sheldon end up stranded on a deserted island inhabited by hostile robotic clones of historical figures. When she refuses, the ambassador commences war against her. I think it may be the fact that they were enemies before Jenny was to Vexus.

Armegedroid Everyone knows the brilliant mind that is Doctor Noreen Wakeman, but how much of her past does she want to keep in the past? Jenny likes them until she sees how they look on her.

My Life as a Teenage Robot E07

After destroying a series of asteroids that threaten to destroy the Earth, Jenny returns to earth, bringing with her a dust uuman severely alters the characteristics of her close friends. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? You get jennj know how Jenny met Brad and Tuck and you’re introduced to the main characters. Wakeman’s inventions while adding distinctive twistsseems humman be the perfect match for her at first; however, Kenny soon starts to display oddly dog-like characteristics.


Infectious Personality What makes this episode worth it is when Brad turns all paranoid Horror m,aatr halloween episodes of non-horror TV shows. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

After she’s kicked out of a restaraunt hang out spot for teens due to her appearance, she wants to look human to hang out with Brad who has gotten a job there. While on a mission in Japan, Jenny winds up losing one of her language system discs for English speech. On her first day of high school, Jenny seeks to make some new friends, and she thinks she can find some in the arrogant Brit and Tiff Crust.

My Life As A Teenage Robot

However, even though their accumulated time of knowing each other was probably a month, they became the best of friends. Finding out she is z fact, and only child, Jenny stumbles upon the deactivated models that came before her: She offers to make Jenny an exterior shell Retrieved March 16, A simple snowball battle between Jenny, Brad, and Tuck is interrupted by a strange robot ambassador who wants to make Jenny the newest member of the Cluster, a legion of robots headquartered on the planet Cluster Prime that plans to enslave humans for manual labor.

Can anyone say “Loligoth? Only up to the second half do I recommend this episode. Misty may be the dominant one in the relationship, but she’s definitely more dependant than Jenny would be. The Great Unwashed Jenny may look goo in blue, but she’s smokin in red with flames. Scorned by Tremorton after ruining the town’s th anniversary celebrations during a fight with Vexus, Jenny gets fed up with being unappreciated by humans and soon finds herself in Cluster Prime, the capital of Vexus’ empire.

Jenny gives in to Tuck’s request to be his entry for episose hit robot combat competition “Robot Wars”, despite finding the event barbaric. Jenny is stuck going to a robot convention with Dr. X3 Especially since my natural course of actions would be to slash Sheldon and Brad.

My Life as a Teenage Robot / Nightmare Fuel – TV Tropes

She uses this to her advantage, however, to make peace with a Japanese creature that grows with and is hurt by water. Jenny is currently with Misty who’s battling being an abusing girlfriend while Jenny goes to Vega for comfort on the situation.


To keep him quiet, Sheldon makes Tuck his sidekick Season 1 Episode 2. Wakeman’s new boyfriend is a psychopath. The owner of Mezmer’s, a popular hangout spot for teens all over town, enforces a strict “No Robots” policy. Skyway Patrol mlaarr Jenny to pay for repairs to the city due to her fooling around, and now Jenny is on a desperate job hunt.

So Jenny tries another method: We’re shown a side to Letta’s gang that you never would’ve guessed existed. Jenny’s new boyfriend, a male robot named Kenny built by Dr.

Better episode than it sounds. Thanks to a screw-up from one of his Cluster troops, Commander Smytus loses a cache of super-powered Pip Crystals to the Crust Cousins. Along with a generous amount of creative license. Sheldon is recruited to epidode a sort of secret agent, and stumbles onto a supposed plot to destroy every last robot in Tremorton.

Vega was fine with it and I’m mlaate there was a promise to see each other again somewhere in that. When Jenny hangs up on Dr.

episde Here I am for a better rant on Jenny and her friends. Jenny gets a chance to visit the theme park Wizzly World with Brad and Tuck, and she cannot help but think that the robots in the park feel miserable.

The scene with Travis’ father in the factory is based on the Charlie Chaplin motion picture, “Modern Times”. When Jenny gets a hold of a prototype “exo-skin” for her to wear, she sees her chance to mingle with the fairgoers; unfortunately, its mangled appearance only scares them. Jenny may not like it, but her mother enjoys the chance to teach her daughter Well, Sheldon is obsessive over Jenny, so of course he’ll eventually start getting jealous of Brad.

Teased at school by the Crust cousins for her appearance, Misty convinces Jenny to get back at them through a mlatar war. Tuck realizes that he’s not going to die until he lives a full life, and decides to become a daredevil, seeking fame and glory. If one’s at the top, the other is beside her.