But unlike other kids who eventually outgrow their fascination with mythical creatures such as dwarfs and fairies, Chen believes that they have the power to cure her mom’s cancer. Located in a distant and poverty-stricken barrio, she is the only one left to make sure that the children there would get a good education. Grace and Philip both long for the love of their father Manuel. When Mary’s uncle threatened to ruin their relationship by not paying for her tuition and sending her back to the province, Rolland sacrificed most of his earnings just to be able to finance Mary’s last year in college. Carlos is an academically excellent working student who is driven to earn his diploma and get a decent job to support his family. But their worlds suddenly turned upside down when their dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

But, unlike Paolo, Rovil is optimistic that she will overcome her illness. Thousands were inspired with Lola Auring’s true love for Lolo Luis that a campaign was made to help her. Minda and the children would soon find out that the terror that they experience from Paeng’s brutality would just be aggravated by the terror that they had to live with in a house full of strange and unseen spirits or elements from a different dimension. She felt miserable, but she continues to live life for her kids. From being simple acquaintances who march together to Mendiola, Fr. Will the friendship be over when one member of the group breaks one of their rules by getting pregnant? Joy and Nitoy try their best to make it work, but their angst over their broken dreams slowly tears them apart.

It opened doors for her to begin the career she had always wanted and also gave her a taste of the show business. A story of a man driven to seek revenge.

Reminisce the feeling of falling in love for the first time with the story of a young teenage girl named Dua. While Toto wanted to let go of their responsibilities to their children who failed them, ,mk remained the ‘light’ of their family and a champion mother who gave her unconditional love to all her kids. The story of a cheerful and loving mother Neneng, who suddenly gets hooked in texting a young guy named Janus.

In a life full of darkness, how can one find the light that will drive him to fulfill his dreams? Rene’s hatred prompts him to come up with a plan of revenge: Imelda and Macoy who have a very close brother and sister relationship. How did she learn to accept and forgive herself and the people who hurt her? A story of a family woman who enters into an illicit mmo with her first love. The story of Berna, who comes from a rich family and who is an academic achiever.


What inspires a child like Jose to stand up and raise his little siblings? A story of an endearing journey of joy and pains of young love. But just when a lot of doctors said that they will never have a baby, a “Divine gift” came along.

Gemma did not 2104 the danger of being a cowgirl, because aside from her financial needs, being a cowgirl gave Gemma the happiness that she could not get from her father. Judith is hrio of the siblings who suffered from the cruelty of their father and was adopted by a foster family that even made her life more miserable. Tragedy strikes when at the peak of his athletic career, Bert is suddenly diagnosed with a serious illness and loses his right leg in the process.

Unexpected events turn mother and daughter into rivals vying for Marlon’s love. When Paolo is diagnosed with leukemia, he becomes cynical and loses his will to live, thinking that sooner or later, he will still die. At an early age, Brian worked hard to provide food for his family and served as the eyes, hands and feet of his mother who is almost blind.

What will Eunice do when her closeness with her twin sister’s husband develops into serious romance? Until one day, she finds herself taking care of xeptember baby girl named Bronchelle. For two weeks, she went around the city with two “missing person” posters of Luis pinned on her dress.

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Mely is a martyr wife to her philandering husband and a dedicated mother to her beloved children. How did she deal with the public’s criticism on her physical appearance? Bibi is the protective father of Dandoy. Can eternal love blossom when your beloved’s days are numbered? The fact that she’s a promising musician only makes it harder for her to accept septmber a disability.

But then she meets Tonio who later falls in love with her. But unlike other kids who eventually outgrow their fascination with mythical creatures such as dwarfs and fairies, Chen believes that they have the power to cure her mom’s cancer. Pangga, is an ambitious and rebellious maid who falls in love with two guys at the same time. This is a love story of Jonel, a gay cross-dresser, and Lory, a nurse, who started as friends.


The story of a gay parent in this heavy drama episode. As early as three years old, Elha already loves to sing. How huge was the part of his wife and her three daughters in his success? Tikboy and his siblings were so physically mml emotionally battered by their dad, Toto that they no longer see him as a parent to long for but a monster to avoid. Liza, a woman who got into an unconventional ufll with a man named Egay who was paired with her by a dying eeptember, who was incidentally Egay’s wife.


MMK “Selfie” Episode Featuring Hiro & Mitch Love Story by Manolo and Janella (Full Video)

Bibi yearns for his son to finish his studies. By anc time she learns that he’s committed to someone else, Vangie has already fallen head over heels in love with him. She has been doing her best to keep her family intact.

Problem will arises as they try to solve their own problems.

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Julius is a rebellious young man who resents his own father for being a drug addict. But will Carlos achieve his big dream when the people he considers as inspiration do not believe in the value of education? Maja Salvador plays the role of Mk who has never had a boyfriend, but believes that her sense of humor and talent for acting should be enough to attract qnd guy. She thought that a perfect life awaits them after moving to a new place but circumstances lead her to suffer the life of a pariah, under the intense scrutiny of her community.

CJ shows his gratitude to his proud parents on his graduation day. He meets a few people who could have given him what he longed for, but something always goes wrong along the way. Susan grew in the province, naive of the real working of the world, in love particularly.