You will get a call on your PokeNav Plus from Steven. I can’t find my rival, Wally, Stephen, or any of Team Aqua. Sky Pillar is located at route ; it’s near Pacifidlog Town. After the next chapter, climb up the nearby ladder and hear Zinnia tell another chapter of the ancient story. Now head north inside the cave, which is the Sky Pillar. While there, Gabby was able to download secret satellite footage of the event, showing that the Meteor was destroyed by a Mega Rayquaza ridden by a Trainer.

Consequently, I’m not very familiar with recent trends and that sort of things. You’ll need a Pokemon with Surf and Waterfall to ascend to the top of the waterfall near the entrance. Many believe that if the man reaches a certain number, the player will be able to ride a rocket into space and battle Jirachi or Deoxys. Head northwest and enter the Granite Cave. Make your way to the northern room in the cave for a dialog and battle with Zinnia. They eventually found Tate and Liza battling in a room, where four Baltoy were creating a weightless space with their Confusion , and Ash was surprised to learn that the Mossdeep Gym had two Gym Leaders. Now exit the house and fly to Petalburg City.

In the game, a man by the window will reveal the number of successful launches there have been. Make your way to the northern room in the cave for a dialog and battle with Zinnia. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Granite Cave – Zinnia’s not there. I’ve been trying all day again and am still lost.

Continue west and go through the portal. On the second floor, the player meets up with Steven Stone and pairs up with him to Multi Battle against Maxie and Tabitha. After the battle, walk up to the second floor. It’s guarded by a woman saying “I’m sorry, we’re in the middle of something and I mossxeep let you upstairs. Head northeast and talk mosddeep the guard blocking the stairs. Once it’s done, save your game cenyer interact with the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza.


The facility appeared again as the main setting of The Scoop. This section is incomplete. After the battle – a dialog happens and a cutscene where a battle with a lvl 80 Deoxys will happen. Continue through the left most western portal and go north for a dialog with Zinnia. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1.

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Steven atter up on the second floor. If you don’t have an extra slot in your party, you must send a Pokemon to the storage system to make room for the newly captured Rayquaza. Rayquaza will join your party and another dialog with Zinnia happens and a battle with her.

Status effects will make it easier to catch Deoxys.

Mossdeep Space Center

Try heading into your Rival’s house the house opposite of the one you moved into in the beginning of the game. He’ll tell you about Sky Pillarwhich is your next destination. The picture used in this aftfr is unsatisfactory.

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It will take the place of Rayquaza ‘s Fly attack. Go north and enter the Sky Pillar once more.

Chapter 10: Delta Episode

A dialog with Zinnia will happen. Zinnia will teach this Pokemon a brand new attack called Dragon Ascent.

It would be wise to catch Rayquaza. Was this guide helpful? A long scene will play out. The Space Center successfully sends rockets into space, though specifics of the space missions are unknown.


Zinnia will stop you near the entrance and tell you the first chapter of an ancient story. After beating the story mode – continue your game. Wallace has a lvl 55 Wailorda lvl 55 Gyaradosa lvl 55 Whiscasha lvl 57 Milotica lvl 55 Tentacrueland a lvl 55 Ludicolo. Head to the second floor after the battle. She will challenge you to a Pokemon battle. According to Max, Mossdeep’s space program had previously launched the Sunflora Weather Satellite, Ho-Oh Three, and several manned space probes into space.

After the battle – you will get a letter from Aster. Travel west for a dialog with Steven and answer, “Yes. When the player arrives there, Professor Cozmo explains the current plan to warp to asteroid, but is interrupted by Zinnia, who warns them that they are making a mistake greater than that of AZ when he used the ultimate weapon 3, years ago.

Fly over to the Granite Cave near Dewford Town.

How to Get Through the Delta Episode in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

She has a lvl 55 Tyrantrum, a lvl 55 Altaria, and a lvl 57 Salamence. Your next destination is the Devon Corporation in Rustboro City.

After you’ve interacted with Zinnia and the team leader, you need to go back to the Space Center in Mossdeep City to meet Steven once again.