This guy can get a little annoying, but so can all bosses. The red one is the one that takes the flames, obviously for use of the flaming circle attack. According to the current timeline on Nintendo’s website, however, these games have been retconned to take place before Link’s Awakening. Keep me logged in on this device. You need to login to do this. Be very careful at that point.

When he is only one monster wait till he dives at you or wait till he gets close enough to the ground so you can slash him. Link is rewarded the Boomerang for defeating the Mothula. Secondly, I will only answer e-mails about the Bosses in this game. To avoid these, just jump onto one of the islands using Roc’s Feather If you’re low on health, slash the moths to find recovery hearts. Here is where the Pegasus seeds are helpful. Mothula is the only Boss that can be hurt by Bees and Golden Bees. After several times of this fun game, he will turn gray signaling a change in strategy.

These are simple, just one hit with the sword, but there are a lot of them and proves to be a bit tedious. Dodongo You need the power bracelet and some bombs for this fight, so make sure you’re stocked up. Fan Artwork of Mothula from Spirit Tracks by timoteilol. Like the battle with Moldorm in A Link to the PastLink can potentially fall into the gaps in the floor and will drop into the room below. These guys are really easy; the only tricky part about them is getting them out of the water in time or without getting hurt too badly.

The main thing to remember when attacking the heads with your sword is to alternate hitting the heads, so there isn’t a need for keeping track.

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Boss Season by A. On the ice battlefield, Twinrova will send spiked balls of ice of at you. The next step is to use your Magic Boomerang on the base which is know moving around trying to hit you. Then slash those two until they fall, it will be a little harder, but nothing you can’t handle. Defeat them all with the spiked ball before they can recombine to win the battle.


Make sure to avoid the spikes in the room while you fight Gleeok. Mothulas are simple enemies who only have two attacks. The four “heads” that Manhandla has will shoot these fireballs at you. He transforms into a giant flying serpent.

Stampede – This is one of his two attacks that he does. It is basically him charging at you, and the easiest way to dodge it is to move aside. The first is four fire balls shot off into different directions, and the next is a fireball that is mothuls and ricochets of the wall into smaller pieces. The Dungeon has walkways along the walls, and islands in the center.

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This attack is simple, but don’t underestimate it or you will end up with a pobodo in the face. Flamethrower – This is the only attack that you should get hit by.

The main idea is to wait until he breathes in for oacle Flamethrower attack, and then throw a bomb into his mouth. The main idea is of this battle is to first destroy all four of the heads that shoot the fireballs.

Mothula (Oracle of Seasons)

To aid him seasohs his quest, Link receives a signature item in each game. If you hit the crystal, you will be electrocuted. You should use this opportunity to hurt mlthula. As each mothyla is destroyed, Manhandla will get progressively faster, making it harder to land a hit. They can be destroyed quickly. Final Boss Stage 2 Difficulty Rating: Usually he does his attacks in this order: When one of the mouths opens up and is about to shoot, direct the path of your boomerang to hit it.


Get Known if you don’t have an account. Here is a list of all the bosses that you’ll face as you travel into the dungeons. Definitely the largest monster in the game, as usual, and he is definitely the toughest.

All you need for this fight is Roc’s Feather and your sword.

Oracle Of Seasons Boss Guide

He does this one pretty often, so don’t fall asleep and get hit by it. Try to hit it with the Magical Boomerang and stun it, then land several more hits at once with it, and Mandhandla’s core will be revealed.

This fight is pretty simple.

His last attack is one where he tries to crush you with his hand. The skeleton will stomp the ground, stunning you if you’re not using the Roc’s Cape, and esasons charge at you. As she releases her larva, Gohma will open and close her eye periodically.

Table of Contents The Legend of Seaslns It also releases Moths from time to time to defend itself. In Ages Link is sent to Labrynna, where the singer Nayru is possessed by the Evil Sorceress Veran, who uses her powers to travel back in time and manipulate the queen of Labrynna in that time into building an Evil Tower of Ominousness. Each defeated replica splits into four Bees that chase Link for a short time.

Level 7 Explorers Crypt Attacks: He will start circling around you before he does this, and when he get close enough to you he will shoot two waves of fireballs out of his mouth. Digdogger This is a difficult fight, so be stocked up oralce supplies before you enter.