Site wide RSS feed. Escape May 10, 4: In December he took up a run of , acres, the Wittagoona selection, and made it one of the best stations in the west. May 30, tcwadmin Local Sport. This was the profile retained and recognized during voyages to Melbourne and elsewhere between and He climbed onto his bench exhausted when the police took the boat away. Bakaar’s court magician Sundar impersonates Zazuum to find the Arabian Knights’ hideout.

When Bez brings news of Bakaar holding a contest for the strongest man, Raseem cannot help but take the bait, getting him and Turhan captured. The Arabian Knights foil Vangore’s plunder, but not without losing Zazuum to him. I saw nothing remarkable about the country beyond what I had seen elsewhere, but I did see an unusual number of blacks, some at stations and other places, not one of whom had even the fragment of a Government blanket to cover him. At my mothers urging this morning following a conversation on family names, we followed a google search on Mary Devine and found this fabulous post. From this humble beginning he was to triumph. The grey granite, with a golden fleck throughout, was quarried from Phillip Island in Victoria.

John wrote the book in a week from my research for the Mathews family reunion at Louth 25 years ago. The Arabian Knights go undercover to Bakaar’s town fair.

Thank you for reading. She was stuck finally in a waterhole at Tilpa for two years.

The water kept slowly rising into the workshop and when the boat was finally finished, the water was up around his knees. In the party were several other men, one being a Cornishman.

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At the river ports the ore was stacked until the river was navigable, when it was conveyed to Halletts Smelting Works or the other principle smelters at Port Adelaide. Here he worked at his trade, buggy building for two years. They both escape mlvie with the rest of the Arabian Knights, fight off Bakaar’s guards and briefly take Bakaar prisoner.


A number of scenes knighf the movie were shot in the Cobar area. There, Princess Nida demonstrates her mastery of disguise and voice mimicry by tricking the guards, but they soon find themselves cornered by Bakaar’s men.

He left sufficient funds to keep the family for two years, whilst he traveled halfway around the world to seek his and their fortune.

Bucketloads of history in Cobar

Fariik provides the access to enter the pyramid. The names of these great workmen, and stories of their surprising inventiveness are even today handed down in the inland districts. Bakaar and his forces breached the royal palace and forcibly claimed the throne from Prince Turhan and ordered the prince to be killed.

Now he had no money and his prospects were small. It had an auxiliary screw propeller and an all iron hull and made its first and made its maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York in July Tenders had been invited for a mail service to the Cobar Copper Mine and the Department considered there was no reason to reopen the Louth Post Office.

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Hence when, kovie malice or unpardonable ignorance, an inquest was set afoot, with post mortem examination of the body, the friends strongly objected to the latter proceedings, and carried out the funeral obsequies. Vangore overpowers and captures Nida and Raseem with his land pirate ship. This was a feat of endurance by Mathews that would have fully tested even a lot younger man.


November 17, at 4: Louth never became a large centre, as Bourke grew to be the major settlement, particularly with the arrival of the railway in The Louth Road is considered to be one hundred miles long, cobat a better reliance on water.

One Thousand and One Nights.

Bucketloads of history in Cobar

The day was hot and dry, the dust rose from the bush track and Old TA began to get thirsty. When the bushranger Ben Hall was shot dead at Forbes inhis sister Mrs Huddy was at Bourke and Mathews gave her his own horse and a letter to any squatter along the way saying he would be responsible for any change of horses she would need. He also owned another station of 16, acres in the vicinity. Ph 13 17 The first night we camped at Mulya, 25 miles, where Mr Mathews has two men employed in sinking a well.

Otherwise, hoof up Fort Bourke outlook for a view into New Cobar Gold Mine, an open-cast mine of dusty pink rock where massive trucks lumber below, small as beetles.

When Mathews was 46 he decided to marry for the second time. He seemed to have a way with Aboriginals, which gained their confidence. It was said that the Settler knjght like a two storey house! After giving a colourful description of his life the book concluded with the following quoted lines: