This book allows you to see how people under the autism spectrum may think and feel. It was very eye-opening and relatable to read this. Then, find a trash can, write down all your negative traits- not necessarily what you’ve been told not to like, but what it is that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. I read this book in a few short days and really couldn’t wait to get to the ending. Mar 30, Suzanne Berger rated it it was amazing. It’s hard finding films with central characters on the spectrum. Mozart and the whale are Halloween costumes.

I loved this book! The two main characters, Mary and Jerry, have my admiration in trying to function in a world that often does not make sense to them. And just when it seemed they had found another person who could really understand, it was the Asperger’s that tended to tear them apart. This story was heartbreaking. This was a very interesting read. My problem with the book is that despite the descriptions of their feelings I never felt like I really got inside them and understood what it was really like to be them. Autism Aspergers Neurodiversity 13 0 12 October, I need chocolate now.

We don’t even know the couple yet! Although it is good to get both sides of the story I didn’t always love the writing style. In the end, they do get back together but it seems tenuous. They both lived truly lonely lives. This book is a beautiful, true story of two Aspies who eventually beat the odds. It was very interesting to hear valina experiences from this couple with Autism.

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For Mary, the sexually acting out in her early teens was really disturbing, but more disturbing was her parents decision to send her off to a cult. Jul 12, Charity Limerance rated it really liked it. And of course we know it works out in the end. Mar 27, Anne rated it really liked baliba. It’s brilliant, complex and filled with the promise that real love truly does conquer all. Straightforward and honest about the limits and problems with autists in relationships but also open about the joys and delights.


They never explain how to get from point A to konuau B. I just think whoever edited this needs to get their shit together.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

My favorite part of this book and its style is that the neither author compromised who they were or tried to explain or excuse behaviors. I found this book sad and wonderful. A great resource for educators and parents dealing with special needs children with autism.

I knew little about this disease – a form of autism. Very much looking forward to seeing MozartAndTheWhalehave wanted to see it for years now. This book is not always lighthearted see above but I’m glad that last chapter was more upbeat. Apr 30, Greg rated it it was amazing. This book had many metaphors, figures of speech and analogies that clued me into how passionate Johnny Dodd was about helping with their story.

I wish I could get him to read it but alas, no. As determined as I was to read this book, I just couldn’t. Jan 15, Bernadette Parasolle rated it really liked it.

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They appeared on 60 Minutes and soon were known as “superstars in the world of autism,” shining examples of two people who mozatt to give up in the face of their mutual challenges.

A very enjoyable read.

It made me angry! Early birthday treats tonight! When Jerry and Mary Newport met, the connection was instant; neither had ever felt more comfortable.

They have to make comprises and sacrifices to make their relationships work because that’s what we all do. Prime has two versions, the correct widescreen version is the one with a white poster image]. While we all experience quirks and social discomforts once in a while, reading this was educational and helped me understand that relating socially can be quite painful,in a a very different realm for someone with this syndrome.


For someone who didn’t socialize typically, the frat-boy “gotta score with the Ladies! The Autism spectrum is so wide, you wonder if everyone has what I like mozarr call an “Autistic moment”!

I also liked how Mary described love in the end “He loved me for my komusu qualities and he seemed to see them in me when no else could. Trivia About Mozart and the Wh I’ve read every Aspie memoir I could find.

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Dec 24, Joyce rated it it was ok Shelves: Mozart and the Whale is currently streaming on Amazon Prime! It was an interesting and thought provoking memoir. Josh Hartnett a 40 ans.

Instead the switch kinusu and forth making especially the early chapters confusing. Nov 29, Katherine rated it it was ok Shelves: But just when it appeared that their lives would enjoy a fairy-tale ending, their marriage fell apart.

Love doesn’t conquer all, but hard work can do a great deal of good. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It was very eye-opening and relatable to read this. And again, it’s such a gift to be able to understand how the autistic brain works.

Nov 11, Verna rated it really liked it. Although the thematics of the book really spoke to me, it wasn’t as interesting as I hoped it would be. In the hot seat? Mozart and the Whale is a film about a social support group for people on the Autism spectrum run by people with Autism.

Stop trying to drum up suspense in the first sentence. Nov 26, Andi rated it really liked it. I found this book very insightful, and at times heartbreaking to read, about the lives of two people who have Asperger’s syndrome and are also savants.