What we’re watching by DB Staff. He proved himself a pighead once again though, by looking for her ONLY when he found out he couldn’t do the action movie without her fox-bead. Until Coffee Prince arrived, it was my favorite, so I remember a bunch of small details. But he made up for it by being somewhat forlorn by small things, like the nine coupons she left behind and the soda water. Oh thank u ,thank u so much for the recap!!! What are you eating it with? It turns out that the real granddaughter is Choon-hyang and her lawyer husband is Lee Mong-ryong, and they live in Namwon What a dick move, hot-gumiho-hunter!

But having Dae-woong be simultaneously wimpy AND cocky makes it even better. The Hong Sisters drama characters do co-exist. I wasn’t familiar with Shin Mina before this I googled her and totally got her confused with a year-old singer named Shim Mina , but she was adorable as Gu Miho. So here are his instructions: This cracks me up so hard. Thanks for picking up this drama for recaps. Belatedly, he recalls that Mi-ho once left him a voicemail message, and calls the number.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Episode 10

What are you eating it with? My midweek has never looked so great: Lahlita August 25, at And then runs away.

This Harry vs Voldermort thingy has left me with such unsettled feeling He calls his school and gets the confirmation, which means he is free to return to Seoul.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: This is a familiar routine for them, and today Dae-woong puts his foot down — no! Please click the link in that tumiho to complete the email change process.


Like I said, the Sisters are outdoing themselves. But of course he is emotionally tortured and whatnot, plus we gotta have the 16 episodes. I read the recap first since it comes out the day after and I can only watch the episodes on Saturdays. This is the first time I’m actually episodr a show as it happens live instead of watching the whole bunch at once Oh, how many hours of sleep I have lost with my KDrama marathonsso your recaps are the best thing since sliced bread.

The former would allow his character to break from the Matrix whereas the latter would send his character back dreaming and continue to be fuel.

Hoi-hoi… Mi-ho is my scary friend. I’m not a fan of the toilet humor but Leslie Cheung’s song is enormous! Both very interesting but but wen the historical shin mina was dying She just seems a lot less ego-centric and self-righteous, but more a m nice, innocent girl with a manipulative streak She takes that as a compliment: There was much throwing back of the head and clapping of hands due to laughter.

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He proved himself a pighead once again though, by looking for her ONLY when he found out he couldn’t do the action movie without her fox-bead. Always look forward to your insights! As she thinks this, Dae-woong races back toward the loft, ostensibly having spoken to the chicken lady. Regardless of many whom think SeungGi overacts certain scenes, my thoughts was this is his character that he is bringing to the table.


Dae-woong tries to shake it off and starts shooting some hoops. With her meat craving satisfied, time for some cider!

Bring on the k-drama R rated funtimes! Thanks for the recap!

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But what I don’t understand is why he would keep the catch 22 from her if he somewhat cares about her wellbeing. I was going to eat my ramyeon when i saw that Dramabeans has already recap Ep I feel like animals would gmiho he’s not human and freak out.

I wasn’t too excited till Min-ah signed on I’m ggumiho spoilerphobe so I only read the character descriptions and comments, but I’m already excited seeing that you enjoyed it so much: Grandpa is thrilled to have Dae-woong move out, as this is the first time Dae-woong is leaving home with the intention of working hard instead of running away from problems. Muahaha, that drumstick surely gave a brand new definition to cute stuff toys in kdramaland!