Views Read Edit View history. From what I can see, this problem is very difficult to overcome. Cha Dae Woong is like lightning. We’re not in a relationship, we’re just in a type of contract. There are cars that can go fast, and planes that can fly high. Because of the bead, I had no choice but to be your boyfriend. If I had to mate with a gumiho, I’d much rather spit out the bead. Watch ‘ My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

On my way home, I’ll make a trip to the Action School along the way. Unni, is this the couple ring that you’re wearing with Dae Woong? Dae Woong definitely can’t say that he’s giving up face to face with the director. There are cars that can go fast, and planes that can fly high. I was afraid that you’d want to mate with her and run off with her. Because you’re my teacher who’s teaching me how to become human. Threatening to eat me, tormenting me to buy meat for her to eat,.

Woong, because I didn’t let you continue talking to that woman, are you angry?

Episodes Restricted Access Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles. If I can do it, it’ll be best to hide it from her. But if you’re going to stay here, your aunt will be coming in and out. There are cars that can go fast, and planes that can fly high. Lee Seung-gi Shin Min-ah. TNS Media Korea [ full citation needed ]. Supernatural Bromances Ghmiho Mythical Romances: The cowardly Dae Woong accidentally frees a girlfrien, a legendary nine-tailed fox from Korean mythology.


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Park Soo Jin Main Cast. I just have to endure days, then I’ll have reached the end. I’m not the type of person who’d sacrifice the seriousness of the moves out of fear. Gumiho isn’t any different from before, even when she’s drunk.

You can’t show your tails or anything just because you’re too excited. Honestly speaking, if there was a guy like Director chasing me, I would run away too. You definitely can’t let anyone else know that you’re girlfrind a student. I don’t want mosquitoes to bite you, so I kill mosquitoes every day.

But women who just go on their beauty, cause very large side effects. Between you who’s wearing noona’s ring vrrsion me who gave you that ring. I strongly suggest that you don’t talk about mating with Cha Dae Woong in the future. Connect to YouTube No thanks. No, thinking about the bead in my stomach makes me feel better.

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If I had to mate with a gumiho, I’d much rather spit out the bead. But as the two begin to develop feelings for each other, can Mi Ho let Dae Woong make the necessary sacrifices for her girlrfiend become human?

Mi-ho wants nothing more than to become human, so they strike a deal: According to myth, gumihos eat men’s livers, so Dae-woong is scared out of his wits, and the gumiho takes advantage of his fear versuon sticking by his side.

And now you’re seizing the chance for me to become your groom? As time passes, they get to know each other better and Dae-woong is charmed by how Mi-ho looks at the world with childlike wonder. Retrieved from ” https: Shin Min Ah International Fans. On my way versiion, I’ll make a trip to the Action School along the way. She must drink Dong-joo’s blood then place her fox bead inside a human’s body for days.


My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

And then my body started to heat up. When Dae-woong awakes and meets a mysterious and very beautiful girl, he initially treats her as eccentric or mentally ill, before finally understanding that she is a gumiho in human form.

Enter Park Dong-joo No Min-wooa half-human, half-supernatural being, whose cover identity is as a working veterinarian. Log in with Email. It rolled under there and I had no idea how to get it out by myself. Cast – My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho. He has another girlfriend already! He names her “Mi-ho,” and keeps her happy by buying her beef and hiding her true identity.

I’ll keep watch of the door at night, and I’ll even clean when I have time. I’m in because of the bead, and you’re in because you want to stay here. Use the following code to embed this video. Hong Jung-eun Hong Mi-ran.

There are a lot of people looking at her, drooling with greed. Director, we’re going to a shop that makes the best udon soup for lunch. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter.

About The cowardly Dae Woong accidentally frees a gumiho, a legendary nine-tailed fox from Korean mythology. Her gumiho energy girlfriene slowly empty away while her bead will live in the human for days and take in his energy.