Can dental floss be used to cut through the steel bars of a prison? Can a car fueled by moonshine run as well as one running on gasoline? Is it possible to build a working cannon using duct tape? Retrieved April 8, Also, how important IS wiping your nose? Did Adolf Hitler survive Operation Valkyrie only because he was in a conference room instead of an underground bunker?

Truly insane, in his words. Pilots Specials. Is better to stand in the doorway during an earthquake? Can superglue restrain a driver as well as a seat belt does during a collision? Was it possible to survive an escape from Alcatraz? Is it possible to slingshot a person over the border and onto a mattress? Does drinking alcohol make people look more attractive?

Can a person escape from prison using salsa? Is driving while tired worse than driving while tipsy? Is it possible to use a rowboat as a submarine? Can a cowboy shoot a gun out of a person’s hand without injuring him? In the podcast the guys cover sleepwalking behaviors, sleep hacks and sleep deprivation. Can a needle be thrown through a glass pane without shattering it? Can Pop Fkction and sodawhen eaten simultaneously, cause the eater’s stomach to rupture? Are stone cannonballs as deadly as steel ones?

Can a human voice extinguish a flame? Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Flu Fiction

Can someone running through gunfire make it out safe? Can you create a working sail-boat out of duct tape?


Can a hurricane blow a piece of straw through a tree? Is it possible to hold a conversation while falling at terminal velocity? After one hour, he and everything he had touched were stained with the dye.

The top 25 moments of MythBusters are counted down by the cast with additional comments. This is the first appearance of “Mythtern” Jess Nelson.

Can a bricklayer hoisting a wooden barrel epizode of bricks with a pulley from the top of a three-story building fall and hit 14 man multiple times? Can you drift into a parallel parking space without hitting the adjacent cars or the curb? Can a nail gun inflict wounds as lethal as a firearm? If a single car brakes lightly, eipsode it cause a ripple that triggers a major traffic mythbusterx Can balloons act like an airbag during a car crash and save someone’s life?

Can a person fly away on a raft filled with helium? Can a car’s rear axle be ripped away by a steel cable tied to it and a lamppost? During the podcast the guys cover humanity’s battle against bacteria and germ control.

After several tries, they were able to score a hit that completely and cleanly severed the head, leading them to declare the myth confirmed.

Is it possible to be thrown through a glass window and walk away ful a scratch? Does pepper spray, a flannel shirt, and a stun gun cause massive fireball? Can a person 417 a man-sized hole in a wall with one gram of sodium reacting with water? Adam and Jamie are looking to debunk the movie-stunt where Indiana Jones rides an inflatable life rate to safety after jumping out of an aircraft.


Does an eyepatch help someone see in the dark? This is the last episode to use the opening sequence and The Dandy Warhols arrangement of the theme music.

Mythbusters S08E11 Flu Fiction – Dailymotion Video

Is it really as easy to move and bury a dead body as it is in the movies? Add the first question. Can a ball chain “levitate” over a lip of a cup?

Is better to stand in the doorway during an earthquake? Can a vacuum cleaner be converted into a jet engine? Can concentrated hydrofluoric acid in a bathtub completely dissolve a human body, create a hole through the tub, and dissolve the bathroom floor below it? Can mirrors be used to make a death ray?

Are crab pots truly indestructible? What’s not to love about watching Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman shooting paintballs and lobbing water balloons at each other respectively?