For this test, the Build Team constructed an Indiana Jones -themed set with multiple attracting points for the snakes the dark areas under and around a Raiders -style altar, heating coils placed underneath the soil floor, and a suitably-dressed Tory sitting down in a corner on one side. The test was repeated three times, with a different group of men each time; the women used wigs to pass themselves off as blondes, brunettes, or redheads, changing them after each test so that every woman had all three hair colors. The gauge buckshot round blew it to pieces and extinguished the blasting cap. At Naval Air Station Alameda , the Build Team filmed high-speed footage of cars similar to those used in the movie to determine how braking and acceleration affected the height of their bumpers. For journeys less than miles, is driving faster than flying? Attempts to carry out a chemical reaction whose results resemble a black snake firework, but occurring much more quickly.

Himself – Host Kari Byron Can a moonshine still explode and destroy the shack it is hidden in? Over two tests, fifteen minutes each, the intersection allowed an average of cars to pass through. The cayenne pepper made the snakes hesitate for a bit, but ultimately 17 of 21 snakes just one less than the control crossed over into the forbidden areas. Could someone shoot a live grenade in midair and thus render it useless? The team declared the myth busted at this point, then started to design portable devices that could safely pick up and move the pigs. Can a ping pong ball inflict a lethal injury if it flies fast enough?

After both of these attempts succeeded, he made one last swing carrying Sophia Bush as a stand-in for Leia complete with her dress and hairdo while Jamie and Adam dressed as Luke and Hanand was able to cross the gap safely. Kari repeated the experiment, using a concentrated laboratory-grade peroxide solution and potassium iodide instead of yeast. Over two tests, fifteen minutes each, the intersection allowed an average of cars to pass through.


Supersonic Ping-Pong High-Speed – MythBusters | Discovery

They myghbusters to use the un-reinforced balls for all further testing. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Can watering plants with microwaved water kill them?

Archived from the original on January 31, What could possibly go wrong? They set four adult cats and four kittens in the area and monitored their behavior remotely for one hour; seven of the eight cats went into the planter box at some point.

Whether a driver stays in the same lane or constantly changes lanes, the mythbusteers time for a car trip is not affected. Adam and Jamie set up a theoretical chase course at Naval Air Station Alameda and began their testing with two cars of equal size. Do men give larger tips to women with larger breasts?

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Jamie commented that a longer sulersonic would allow more time for the air pressure to accelerate the ball. The wake from a sharply turning jet boat can put out a fire on a stationary one. In this ballistics bonanza, Adam and Jamie ask if supersonic ping pong can go lethally wrong while Kari, Grant and Tory light the eipsode fuse on a cannon made of ice!

Adam, Jamie, and the Build Team explored three scenarios related to vehicle-based movie stunts and effects.

The Build Team set up a table on a wooden deck outside on a sunny day, made to look like a picnic, and put out highly flammable objects mythbutsers improve their chances. To achieve an actual mythbusterrs, they fitted an SUV with a high-pressure nitrogen cannon set to fire upward, as well as several jugs of gasoline rigged to explode. Retrieved May supersoinc, Himself – Host Tory Belleci Retrieved January 14, Each man was able to push the other off the road easily during three duels, with two successes for Jamie and one for Adam.


Replacing the mannequin with a pig carcass, they investigated the possibility that the sunscreen could ignite even well after it had been sprayed on, due to the presence of flammable solvents.

In this web exclusive, Adam makes his first and unsuccessful attempt to stuff 10 pounds of poo into a 5-pound bag. Based on claims that an army in 18th-century Russia used such a weapon to defend itself. Can a ball chain “levitate” over a lip of a cup? Archived from the original on June 8, Kari volunteered to work in a coffee myythbusters, disguising her appearance with a wig and makeup and using three different bust sizes: What methods work best to repel snakes?

We’ll use it to chill our vodka. The team used the s car for the performance testing to determine whether moonshine was as effective as a gasoline replacement. However, Adam learned of a modification that involved adding a choke chamber to the far end in order to pop the seal and give the ball an extra burst of speed. They classified the myth as busted, noting that the wound would be serious but not fatal.

Share this Rating Title: While noting it was not easy, they declared the myth plausible. By fine-tuning the bungee cord, they were able to drop Buster so that he consistently penetrated only a few inches below the water surface.

For the longevity test, they chose to use Thunderhill Raceway Park for the many twists and turns on its track.