Why don’t you buy fragrant soap “Cap Burung Merak”. Lukman really wants to kill me. I haven’t smoked at all for two weeks. We will negotiate with the Dutch. Learn more More Like This. I don’t even know where my father is. I still wanted you to be a Major, but I can’t make you a Major Captain. So, take care of it.

A film delivery man promises a beautiful young woman to deliver a film reel on time to a movie theater. She can’t be a Vice General. But it is impossible that this illiterate person can win. You are not alone. You are the one who taught Naga how to be a pickpocket, right? Yes, better than told your mother teaching you being pickpocket. That is the rank of all the highest commanders in World War II. If we are nice to him

You are too much. You put me in trouble.

Why did you become a pickpocket? Things will be different than now. I shot him once. It takes only a minute. What do you think?


NICA troops has already arrived here. If you want to eat for free, then go to jail. With a background of social differences and life struggles, that leads Murat ranks a bonzr.

Naga bonar (1987)

They are going to attack the Dutch troops in Parit Buntar. I am truly madly in love. Whose watch is it that you snatched this time? Bring the drink here.

Didn’t you see Kirana grinned at me? Why don’t you just order us to do so? Please prepare the bed and the matrass for me. He mivie mad at me. We may be accused of fooling them during negotiation. Oh that’s so sweet.

Did you get hurt? But why did you point at Parit Buntar, while we all know that they have Search for ” Naga bonar bonzr on Amazon. Of course it doesn’t matter to you.

The Ducth think they are smart and we are stupid. The one whose ancestors were pickpockets.

Maybe I’m not even worth being a Corporal. You are a poet? If I hold it inside How could you do this to me, Bujang Bang Naga is here Your troops has attacked the Ducth troops in Parit Buntar.


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This movie is based on the memoir written by the 3rd President of Indonesia and one of the world famous engineer, B. You dare to shoot an unarmed person.

She said she likes me. The fortune smiles at you, but you prefer to go away This is Bang A popular girl has to choose whether she wants to stay as a part of her clique or fall for the brooding literature-loving boy in her school.