A very close battle between Fuji and Arnold! Gin has levels of Hadoukyuu. Doubles 2, the second match of the quarterfinals: It blew the racquet out of his hand, but the ball flew high into the air and landed on the net cord, teetering on the edge. Kawamura’s father, the sushi chef, was injured, and Kawamura has to do his part in the shop along with a troubled man named Gen. This motion is called Seal Step, and it looks as if he has a doppelganger. After discovering that Kevin copied most of his techniques, Ryoma uses the Cyclone Smash, which Kevin did not have a chance to copy, and reverses the score.

Otori, Otori remains with the winners at the training camp and vows to become stronger. Kaido refuses to use his Snake because he knows St Rudolph can counter it, just like they did with the Dunk Smash. Kintarou plays against Hakamada Izou and the rest of the middle schoolers meet back up on the main court with the rest, many having a representative pin. Horio then gets into trouble with an upperclassman, who is also a basketball player. Kintarou achieves the Pinnacle of Perfection after expressing his enjoyment of tennis but Oni counters by activating his own Pinnale of Perfection as well. Karupin’s toy got slipped into Ryoma’s tennis bag so Karupin followed Ryoma to his school. Oishi responds with the Moon Volley, a lob with incredible accuracy, as it always lands right on the line. During their match, Akutsu reminiscences about his time as a member of a tennis club, where he easily and mercilessly defeated its members and captain.

Watching the match, Taichi Dan also ends up recalling the first time he had met Akutsu, whom he has admired nanjiroou that day. However, just when they have a run of three straight points, Eiji starts to lose his stamina again. Kikumaru and Otori are disheartened by their separation from their partners. Rebuffing his questions,… Read More Mr.


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Kawamura is not able to return even one shot and ribko 0—5 games and 0—40 points. Kintarou plays against Hakamada Izou and the rest of the middle schoolers meet back up on the main court with the rest, many having a representative pin.

In the evening, the students from court 3 and court 2 have matched with each other. Captain Tezuka and Inui introduce a new way to train. Momoshiro recovers his spirit after a match with Fudomine student and Tachibana’s younger sister, Ann Tachibana, and also with an encounter with two of Hyotei Academy’s regulars. Later, Ryoma and Fuji face off in a practice match, where the two decide to go all out. Meanwhile, Ryoma and Shinji Ibu battle over grip tape by creating a contest in which they catch a pickpocket.

Eiji and Oishi, the famed Golden Pair, takes to nanjirlu courts against St. Oni’s court 5 team of middle schoolers is overwhelmed by the surprising strength of the high school students and loses the first round.

The Prince Of Tennis

Ryoma finds a mysterious racket lying in front of his house and because of it, strange misfortunes happen in Seigaku. The first games are dominated by Akaya until he crashes into the net pole after hitting another Phantom Ball.

After using a combination of their moves, the “bear” is revealed to be a burglar who has been breaking into the areas’ homes. The first one, featuring the character Keigo Atobe voiced by Junichi Suwabe reached 14 on the Oricon charts. He wants to challenge Ryoma to aim higher, beyond just wanting to beat his father.

Inui’s best data and Kaidoh’s Tornado Snake are ineffective against Rikkaidai’s pair. Baker demands that their performance be an exciting epiaode for the sponsors. Yanagi faces off against No.

Due to this, he misses the tournament, however, he finds an opponent in the form of one of the thugs nanjiroj met on the subway. A Star Is Born 4.


Nanjiro “Samurai Nanjiro” Echizen

Hiyoshi is overwhelmed by Ryoma’s energy and consecutive Drive Bs, and Ryoma wins the match. Atobe is nanjriou horribly but his determination pull him through towards a tie-breaker. Fuji uses his Fourth Counter: But finally, the Golden Pair wins the game for Seigaku, and all hope of winning is directed to Ryoma’s match. Oni increases the ball illusion to 10 balls but he manages to hit them all back, surprising everyone.

Rudolph players by himself. Just when adn other pair was about to win, Eiji recovers at match point and saves the ball just in time, thanking his teammate for covering for him. Coach Mifune arrives at the camp and is revealed to be the head coach where he announces that at the world cup, the middle schoolers anf rep Japan as well! When he aims it directly toward Fuji, Kawamura decides to get in its way when he realizes that Fuji would not be able to return it.

Steve Cannon Eiji Kikumaru.

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This, along with the Twist Serve, surpasses Inui’s data and turns the game into Ryoma’s favor. Momoshiro, Echizen, and the Freshmen Trio go to nanjriou shopping duty.

In order to teach him a lesson, Ryoma asks the father to teach him tennis. Afterwards, he is challenged by Momoshiro Eipsode to play a match. The middle schoolers also realize how much they have improved from the rigorous training.